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Thread: 12/21 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    12/21 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

    Please keep all discussion of tonight's show in this thread until 2 am Eastern Time. Thanks and enjoy the show.

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    Santino says to his teammates that the other team (Diana, Lupe and Marla) "is sooooo lame. I don't think they've ever had sex before."

    How truly mean, caddy, and hypocritical of him, as if anyone on his team has had sex with a woman before. What a great line, though.
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    So I guess we should be celebrating Marla this Christmas?

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    Sad to see Daniel go, but I liked how he stepped up and took the blame, and how gracious he was. Santino could take note. All the glaring and eye rolling is getting old. He's like a prodigy-child who gets petulant and mean when he's not continually told he is the best. Blech.

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    denise xx
    It was sad to see Daniel go.. Too bad he had no time management. He was cute in a way. Santino is so.. ugh! Kind of funny, but really bratty. They should have gotten rid of Emmet.

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    Quote Originally Posted by denise xx View Post
    It was sad to see Daniel go.. Too bad he had no time management. He was cute in a way. Santino is so.. ugh! Kind of funny, but really bratty. They should have gotten rid of Emmet.

    Santino is there for the drama. He's bitchy in a bad way and really likes to argue with the judges. Danail F, I think, was really a draw and I'm sure you ladies out there in tv land liked him as well as some of the men. I'll miss him, but none of these guys are too manly. But, it's fashion, what do I expect. I know, get a life!!!!

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    I was definitely sad to see Daniel go. I find Santino irritating, whiny and melodramatic. Of course, that makes for 'great' television, so I wasn't exactly shocked when they cut Daniel.

    As for the designs, the only one I remotely liked was Daniel V's. It was pretty and actually seemed functional.

    Daniel F's looked really scratchy!

    Santino's was a trainwreck. Overdone, overembellished and just strange. If only the designs looked anything like the sketches. The sketch of the flirty 'Heidi'-ish babydoll/gown had promise.

    As for Diana's - I saw far more model butt than I expected.
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    I think the right person got eliminated. That said, I've always found Daniel F kind of smarmy, but I agree with the judges that he showed class in the way he took blame for his team, and the way he left the show.
    I don't see any reason for Santino to blame Emmet, nor any reason for him to get sent home. Santino needs to grow up and quit acting like such a spoiled baby Normally I like his styles, but this collection was just buttugly. Too much crap with too many colors going on for my taste. And hollering at the judges, then stomping off the runway with his hands on his hips just made me want to
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    Santino's collection was awful - overdone, overembellished, tacky, not whimsical, unsexy and not wearable. He mentioned that the purpose of the lingerie was for it to be taken off, but there was nothing sexy or alluring about it. The only think I liked was the model's make-up. My eyebrows were raised during the shopping trip because the colors he selected looked so drab.

    Santino's collection was far worse than Daniel's, however Santino deserved to stay because of his overall track record. He was in the top tier for the first three challenges.
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    I'm disappointed....Nina said it best, Santino's designs were NOT aesthetically pleasing (and neither is he).

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