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Thread: 12/21 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    that preview clip with Zulelma asking for a walk off - tells a lot about the future - taking it down to just 7 designers left -

    Also there are is a preview clip which appears to have Zulema and Kara as partners - and a clip showing a dress worn by Andrae's model which we haven't seen yet

    The PR people sure play us - throwing in stuff - making watching the episodes over and over and paying attention to the previews important

    I need to get a life

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    BUT what if they edited in a scene from later on or something or parts of scenes, just making it look like from the same show - know what I mean? So that it looks like the show where she says that. I mean they've fooled us already with fake editing.

    They also made it seem like last episode was when Santino would say something about firing four people... and that didn't happen at all. So I wouldn't put it past them to cut in groups of people who have nothing to do with that show with the 8 models left. I wouldn't put it past 'em at all

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    I think the biggest problem with Daniel F's designs was that the waist was too high and he should have nixed the skirt on all but one of them. My G-string up the butt and walk-the-street designs. I thought that the high waist fit the older woman, bad body thing.

    Emmitt is not going anywhere--cough **teacher's pet**I wonder if he and Tim Gunn had some love thing at the darkend halls of parsons when all the others went home. Emmitt's staying for a while because it's a love thing, I think

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    LOL... IMO Emmett is not the worst designer... if a bit dull overall for a game show like this. BUT, if the Chloe article was right - and if I was correct in thinking they're counting after the finalists have been chosen - then next episode may be her last.

    And she seems to be paired with Emmett, going by the previews... so it may be Emmett's last episode next time, as well. We'll see! I'm just glad the show is back on - I was going into withdrawals. How will we all make it to the final three - how much of a time gap is there between last show and Fashion Week finals?

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