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Thread: 12/21 Show Discussion Thread **Spoilers**

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    Daniel should have known the golden rule of Project Runway. When Tim talks you listen.

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    I disliked this episode. I felt the designers were ALL hung out to dry. Here's why.

    Heidi chose the team leaders. Her choices seemed based upon gimmickry. What might have resulted in wearable lingerie did not seem to be on her mind. Really, is anyone going to wear lingerie with french cuffs (with no sleeve) or a man's tie? It was more like they were all designing for Pussycat Dolls (other than Daniel F), or a Vegas show, not women who might wish to purchase something to wear under their clothes.

    The rules were NOT explained well at all. (Not unless they got a full info sheet we were not privy to)

    Daniel F was penalised for making "old" lingerie. I happened to think it was along the lines of "classic" lingerie. I love the romantic stuff from the 1940s and such. He explained his collection well: It was for 30-50 year olds to wear for a romantic occasion, such as a honeymoon. Yet, the judges all asked him about that as if he'd broken some rules. The guest judge/model criticised him for making clothes young women wouldn't want to wear.

    But were there ANY rule about age groups to design for?? Didn't think so. Open field. (I mean, 30-50 is a huge market!)

    The judges said they wanted three looks. BUT later they seemed to specify that they wanted a look from each of the three team mates - "You're three people!" one of the judges said. But wasn't it all supposed to stem from the team leader's primary designs? There simply wasn't time to have all three people bicker about whose designs are included.

    So, it was totally unclear to the designers how much input each team member was to have, and which designs were to be used - whether each person was to design one outfit to fit the theme - or they were simply supposed to help the team leader carry out his or her vision.

    ALL were stressed out, as a result. They couldn't have won this challenge. And nobody came up with something I'd like to buy. Daniel F came closest though - feminine and romantic. Daniel V's collection, other than the cumbersome, impractical collar and cuffs, was your basic black teddy and corset.

    Someone mentioned Cirque du Soleil - that's exactly what I thought, but about Santino's "collection", not Diana's. One of Santino's team mates called it vaudeville or burlesque... they're right. Really really ugly and tacky stuff like you'd see on a two-bit strip show in the 1930s. Diana's - bondage meets chiffon - HUH? "I want the fabric to flow out from between her legs" - lovely image. Just what every woman wants in lingerie - fabric suggestive of urine.

    The producers had to have been the ones to oust Daniel F. They just felt it was his time to go.

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    Brandy, I agree that I don't think that this was the best conceived and executed challenge, which is very dissapointing, because I think that lingerie (like wedding dresses and bathing suits) is one of those challenges that the viewers have high hopes for, so you are deflated if it doesn't live up to expectations.

    Quote Originally Posted by aga
    In defense of all of the designers, I think they would have done a much better job with more time. I know that time constraints are a PR staple, but they should have been given more time since it was a "collection."
    I want to add that I would rather they relax the competitive time push a bit (not too much) and get a better product.
    "We all know that we're going to get beat tonight." - Melrose (ANTM Cycle 7) when Monique gets eliminated from the CoverGirl / Queen Latifah challenge.

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    "Brevity is the soul of lingerie" - Dorothy Parker

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    I liked Daniel .'s stuff. I though it was cute. I thought of it as playing dress-up for hubby. But then we run into no clear rules so it's VERY open to interpretation.

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    Quote Originally Posted by PhoneGrrrl View Post
    Santino needs to go, and go soon. His designs are awful. I don't know how he won with that dress the first week; babydoll dresses make anyone who wears them look fat, hippy, and/or pregnant. And that Barbie dress was more Wendy Pepper than My Scene Barbie. Everything he does has some kind of ruffle and the lingerie just took it beyond reason.
    You totally hit my nail for me, PhoneGrrrl! I agree completely.

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    Jafo's Princess: Exactly. There was no rule as to which type of customer or which age group to design for! (I talked about this in another thread too; GMTA). Daniel was penalised unfairly for this. I felt his lingerie was the most saleable (Daniel V's was too if you removed the silly cuffs and collars), after making the least changes.

    Which woman on earth is going to wear Santino's circus meets dollar store Moulin Rouge lingerie? I mean seriously. "Campy with a capital C" - it wasn't even that.

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    circus meets dollar store Moulin Rouge lingerie

    (except I LIKED Daniel V.'s stuff. Cuffs and all)
    And I figured it out last night. SAntino looks like Jafar from Disney's Aladdin. (See above pic.)
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    I kept wondering about Diana's design if you could possibly get into one of those outfits by yourself, or do you need someone to help you dress?
    Trekker and Geocacher

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    Good point DevilTwin.

    I'm not sure what those were supposed to be... but maybe that is where the "bondage" aspect she mentioned, comes in? I'm at a loss too though.

    Those looked more like high fashion beachwear to me really.

    Jafo's Princess: Jafar LOL. Well it isn't that I didn't like Daniel V's so much, but, I felt the judging this time was off. Weren't his somewhat alike? Weren't Diana's and Santino's? Yet they said Daniel's designs being alike were one reason for his being out. Seemed like they all had similar ones. With small differences only. This show's designs really were all kind of a blur.

    Maybe I need to look at Daniel V's again... but I still say the cuffs which made it "different" in the judges' minds, would not be part of the lingerie in the shops anyway. I can't imagine going around in that?! And it wasn't quite costume-y enough to be a costume-y type of "doesn't leave the house" lingerie. I'm not knocking it, I just disagreed that it was so much nicer than the others'. Basically = satin teddies.

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