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Thread: 12/14 Show Discussion "All Dolled Up"

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    Loooove Nick's dress. He is the only one, in my opinion, who really GOT it.

    Did anyone post yet, that you can ORDER that Barbie from Bravo's website? Click on Project Runway, and then just somewhere on shopping and you will find it. It's only $24.95, which I think is great. And it looks reaalllyy cute, even better than on the show. :-) The box is a great souvenir box too if you like this show!

    No I'm not a spambot LOL, I just really liked that Barbie. And I have always been fair at calling which stuff will go up in value! For once I got in early ;-) (Well I'm older now and can usually just buy it now LOL). Anyway take a look at it, pretty doggone cool. I loved this challenge.

    OH and read Tim's blog (on Bravo's site). His comments on each Barbie outfit are GREAT. Wow - he can bring the snark - who'd a thunk it?? Our gentlemanly Mr. Tim

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    I too loved Nick's design and knew he was a shoo-in to win the challenge. I really liked Santino's design too, but I had noticed the bottom of the dress wasn't nearly as well put together as some of the other dresses.. it was stringy and looked as though he didn't finish that part. His reaction to not winning was priceless.. loved the look, but he just plain didn't deserve to win this time. Totally hated Andrae's design -- ok the skirt, he should have left on that alone. But I suppose I agree with the Raymundo boot.. Marla can't be there too much longer if she is having all of these problems. Can't wait til next week.. I wanna see Santino's ego blow up soon, it may actually be entertaining.

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    How about the emotional wreck (Andre? I think). It was scary to see his presentation with all that tears. This barbie challenge too, like the judges said, "lighten up!"

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    Quote Originally Posted by dallas_viewer View Post
    I wish we'd had a better explanation of how Raymundo came up with that concept. I mean, it looked like Bag Lady Barbie. Or maybe Homeless Barbie, I don't know.

    Even if you want kids to not grow up too fast--which he mentioned as being something he kept in mind--and you want to create a doll that kind of captures a more innocent look (as opposed to the slut-wear marketed to young people these days), what person of any age would want to wear whatever that was he put together?
    I think Raymundo was confused at best. While cutting, he said he wanted to make something that was not so grown up - something that maintains an innocence for little girls. SO it sounded like he was making a dress for children (which was not the challenge). Then, he seemed to say it was for a more mature Barbie. What he made ended up looking like Poor Pitiful Pearl (anyone remember those dolls?) rather than a Barbie of any shape or form. Allison (his model) looked ready to cry. Also - the dress looked eerily like John Wade's from the first challenge - when I saw that orange fabric that was so dull looking, with an ugly midriff panel, I thought 'Oh no'. I think Allison knew...

    Barbie does not and never will, wear a potato-sack jacket! Tim Gunn's blog on Bravo's website says he thought Raymundo sabotaged himself "what other explanation is there?". I don't know why the designers don't LISTEN when Tim critiques them. He is always right... (PS, Raymundo's dress is the only one right now, with zero bids, in the Bravo auction page). PPS do you all know you can actually pre order Nick's Barbie on the Bravo site? $24.95 I think they are gonna go fast.
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    Quote Originally Posted by MFJC View Post
    How about the emotional wreck (Andre? I think). It was scary to see his presentation with all that tears. This barbie challenge too, like the judges said, "lighten up!"
    I don't think he gets it!!! He's so in his own little world and doesn't even try to understand what the challenge is for and how he may be able to improve with other people's opinions. Ah, the ego!!!

    Talking about ego, how about Santino. I think he's really talented and all, but I'm so disgusted with his ego. He hangs out with Nik as if they were buddys and he can't even be nice to him when he won. It's okay to be disappointed that he didn't win, but what a sore loser!

    Wasn't he a sore loser last time when he lost to Chloe too? I only saw the rerun of the episode, but some other thread mentioned that he said something like "they didn't want to give me two wins."

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    Yes - I replied about that in another thread, I forget which thread now... I love this show so I click on most of the threads LOL

    Lost to Chloe: "They just didn't wanna give me two wins in a row"

    Lost to Nick: "I can't believe that BLEEP"

    As for Andrae's Barbie dress - oh my. LOL OK first - well nevermind I will post about that in Andrae's thread. LOL

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    First, I want to say that I'm totally loving this second season. I had some concern that, like with lots of shows, the second season is the first slide down hill, but it really hasn't been the case.

    Nick is my early favorite--his design was so spot on for Barbie. He's got good technical skills and is creative, so I'm hoping hie goes far.

    Santino needs to get over himself, big-time. As Michael Kors would say, "lighten up, it's just fashion!" I really can't figure out why he's dressed as General Zod in next week's preview...is he a huge fan of Superman, or is he just that goofy?

    I also really like Diana, if for no other reason, she appeals to the latent science geek in me. She kinda looks like Saffy's dorky friend on AbFab too, so that endears her to me as well.

    I hope we get a little more screen time of Daniel V and Emmett. because we've not really seen a whole lot of their process.

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    Nice comments!

    I wanna see more of Emmett too but find Daniel V boring - his designs always fit badly and that irks me. He's got a model to work with - no excuse for that. He should fit them better!! His concepts are kinda dull too.

    I get the feeling Emmett has more in him but hasn't busted out yet. I dunno why. He seems withdrawn to me. Someone slip him some of Andrae's emotionality or something... I dunno. He doesn't need more talent, just confidence or something.

    I like Diana too and I hope she keeps stretching. Of all of them she has the most potential to be a Gautier-like designer surprising us in the future.

    And PhoneGrrrl I looove this season too. I am shocked how much I love it. It's gonna have to give me a wedding band, with a little bobbin on it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by beerbelly View Post
    Reymundo has to be out for that. It looked like I sewed it!
    I didn't like his dress, but I loved his theory on girls fashion. I don't like seeing low-rise pants and outfits with the waist and hips cut into them for little girls.

    Daniel Franco has got to learn to be more efficient with his time. If I were his model my nerves would already be wearing thin.

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    I don't think the target audience was 16 year old girls... It was little girls who look up to 16 year old girls. 16 year old girls probably are not still playing with Barbies.. Therefore Reymundo's theory was spot on as far as I am concerned.. He just goofed the outfit. I think that had he left the jacket away he could have ranked higher than Andre. Andre has had 2 abhorrent judging sessions.. He clearly cannot handle the stress of the situation or eventually the stress of being a designer, and therefor should be sent home.
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