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Thread: Episode 1 -- Road to the Runway (**SPOILERS**)

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    Ahh ok thanks. I never understand why people come on these shows with these attitudes and then act like that in front of the host. It'd be great if Heidi told her to leave right then and there. You can't be that great if you're trying to get help by the show, so stop acting like you're some diva.

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    Loved every minute of this AMAZING premiere.

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    who were the 2 that were cut???

    were any of the ones cut the ones with the blonde model that had the shorter hair...names racheal

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    LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS SHOW! Last season was great, this one did not disappoint in its premier one bit. So glad its back, and now I understand why I couldn't stand that imitator show "The Cut." Ick.

    Santino is verrry talented, but so full of himself that it will be a problem for the rest of the cast. His snide "they didn't want to give it to me twice in a row" right in front of Chloe was really nasty, selfish, and totally unwarrented. And the previews of him telling Nina off can't be a good scene. He is going to be the drama of this season.

    Don't know if we post who we think will win, but I think it will be Chloe. Her stuff was amazing and just seems so natural at this.

    There really are a lot of zany/queeny guys this time around which guarantees a lot of great 1 liners and much entertainment. Can't wait for each and every episode.
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    Sadly I only go to see the last 35 min --- but I am so glad that this show is back. When I catch the reruns I will see what my thoughts are as I didn't see much to form an opinion.
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    did anybody notice that the model Rachael is the same girl who tried out for ANTM cycle 3? She's made it on her own! good for her.

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    What a great premiere! I was so worried they would have sold out somewhat, but they were just great, focused on the skill and talent of these folks.

    It's replaying right now and I should be heading to bed, but I'm watching again.
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    Wow! What a great premiere. I enjoyed every minute of the show and from the previews, can't wait to see what's to come.

    Santino is very skilled. Too bad he's such a prick.

    Chloe is great.

    Zulema just has a bad attitude. At least she was a bit humble after she nearly got the boot.

    I'm liking Daniel this time around. Clean beautiful design and construction and he just seems different.

    Diana is such a little mouse. I like her and am curious to see what she can do.

    I really like the older woman (aged 51). She seems to have a good sense of style. I'm not into the whole "art to wear" thing which I thought she would portray. Luckily she pulled away from that a bit and put a little bit more of an edge into her garments.

    Heidi was just a bit too silly and giddy.

    hep - I'm watching it again as well!

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    I should be in bed too, Hep. But alas, here I am (also watching it again.)

    My top three Best Designers are:

    Nick V.
    Santino R.
    Guadalupe V.

    The three Worst are (in no particular order of worseness):
    Andrae G.
    Marla D.
    Kara J.

    The mediocres are Raymundo, the two Daniels, and for now I'm putting Zulema in there until she shows me otherwise. Everyone else hasn't done anything memorable enough for me to rate them yet.
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    Episode 1 - Road To Runway

    I loved the episodes. I loved that they added an audition phase to it. Sooo glad that they guy without pants didn't make it. I think that Daniel deserved a second chance. Fashion frequently gives people a second chance. If it didn't, Isaac Mizrahi would be working in a deli or something, lord knows he's flopped plenty. The semifinal challenge was far more appropriate for a start. Using such a basic fabric like muslin (I guess that cotton isn't the "official fabric" of Project Runway anymore), $20.00 and a week to work on it is a far more realistic way to judge their talents.

    I have to rate them this way:

    1. Nick - loved the jacket and the halter dress. Strong color, detailing, and flow.

    2. Santino - this was a darling dress, with rich color and detailing.

    3. Chloe - it looked like she didn't do anything to color the fabric, yet it still looked like it was linen, not muslin. simple, well cut, it worked on the model with little alteration.

    4. Emmett - nice cut outs, color variations, would have liked it better if it wasn't so loose through the torso.

    5. Marla - Loved the deep color, and edgy style. This was more than what I was expecting from her, based on her profile.

    6.Zulema - nice, loved the pleating, the shoulder padding though could have been a little softer. Missed an opportunity to do something with the color.

    7.Diana - This could have been really good, but it's a little too gimmicky, and the gimmicks malfunctioned. Reminds me of Issey Miyake circa 1989.

    8. Guadalupe - Again, this could have been good, but she just didn't seem to know when to stop. I really liked the stitching on the skirt.

    9. Kara - not too original take on a dress I've seen before. No color and RIC-A-RAC? Where is her "Urban" style? Where's the Hand Screening?

    10. Daniel F - I really like this, it rises above it meager materials. It seems though that Daniel's dummy is more busty than his real model. He needed to restructure the halter for a flatter model. Then his detailing on the breasts would have had a more flattering appearance on her.

    11. Kristen - I actually really like this, except for the detailing on the back of the top, but it isn't very original.

    12. Raymundo - I liked the color, but the jacket and dress didn't complement each other. Way too many accessories.

    13. Andrae - Yawn, a drawstring prairie skirt and a camisole. Safe and boring.

    14. Daniel V - boring and too tight for his model. The sequins were just wrong.

    15. Heidi - a Bandeau and an a-line skirt with ribbons and lace.

    16. John - The only reason this took him 8 hours is because he had to wait for the dye to dry.

    It was good to see Heidi, Michael Kors and Nina "I'm a Bigger Bitch than Janice Dickenson" Garcia again.

    I loved the change in format for the models. I think that the designers will work better as they get better dressing the same body.

    Episode 2 - Clothes Off Your Backs

    Oooo, Zeluma gets out of the diva gate first and takes over the closet. At least she is gracious enough to lend Marla a pants hanger.

    Making the challenge to use the clothes that they wear to dinner puts a person stake into the pot. Bitching and moaning ensues. Gawd, if I have to hear about the damn heirloom scarf again I'll scream. I mean, she didn't have to cut it up or anything, just have the model wear it. Sheesh!

    1. Chloé - she took a little dress and made another little dress, yet it didn't look cobbled together.

    2. Daniel - Sure he started with a great jacket, but it just looks so much like a freshly tailored, original outfit. He again proves that he deserves to be here.

    3. Guadalupé - I was impressed with what she did with this, using the pattern of the fabric to influence the structure of the dress.

    4. Diana - She turned her prom dress into an interesting cocktail dress and hat.

    5. Nick - for all the moaning about his jacket he turned out beautiful skirt with an interesting halter.

    6. Marla - This could have turned out very ordinary, but the skirt saves it.

    7. Emmett - Wow, he really must be a big guy, if his shirt could make that dress. The shrug out of his jeans isn't completely original, but it works.

    8. Daniel V - Nice deconstructed halter, but kind of boring.

    9. Kara - The top is interesting, but the jeans shorts or just sooooo wrong. She looks like she's wearing depends.

    10. Raymundo - Uh, he pretty much just tailored down his pants and polo shirt and jacket to fit her.

    11. Santino - It looked kind of a mess to me. Last year it would have been in the top 5, but this year the bar is higher.

    12. Andrae - Inspite of his embarrassing outburst, I actually liked what he did. He had kind of raggedy garments for materials, and managed to construct something good. It's a pity he bit off more than he could chew putting it together.

    13. Zulema - this could have been great, all she needed was to incorporate some more/other fabric to make it so it covered the models rear-end. Of course, I have seen some hoochies who wear their dresses that short...

    14. Kristen - She could have done so much more than turn the T- shirt into a halter. The skirt was nice, but it didn't go with the top. As I said before, she could have used the scarf without altering it. B'uh Bye.

    It was refreshing to hear complements coming from the judges. Diane Von Furstenberg didn't hold back on telling them when something was lovely, Nina actually said something nice as well. Shocking!

    I loved the scenes from upcoming episodes, this is going to be a great series/season.
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