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Thread: The Models: Season 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by MotherSister View Post

    I miss Claudia.
    Me too.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandy View Post
    aga, I'm also basing it on her sneers when Andrae cried or anyone else (but Santino) humiliated themselves somehow on the runway. Something about her facial expressions.

    I thought his 'just sell it' was a voice over.
    I don't judge Heather too harshly for smiling (smirking, sneering, or whatever your interpretation was) during the Aundrae incident. At the time, Aundrae was being thoroughly mocked by the judges and worst of all, Santino was right beside her full out laughing.

    Heather is twenty and I am pretty sure if you took a poll of the viewers at home (many of whom I guess are significantly older than twenty), far more people laughed at Aundrae than cried with him and / or empathized with him. In fact, I think the prevailing interpretation was that he was either completely faking or exaggerating his emotions.

    I haven't noticed her reacting to other incidences. I am not trying to thoroughly vouch for her character because we haven't seen enough of the models overall to know what kind of people they are.

    I did notice that it was a voice over, but I assume that it reflected Santino's response to Heather. At worst, he may have said something neutral to her. Again, my point was to signal Santino's turning point from arrogant ass, to I just might need some help here.
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    my favorite model by far is Grace. Her name suits her so well, I loved how she manuvered in and out of the BR jacket that Chole and Emitt had for her, her figure skating outfit walk was very elegantly done as well!

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    Grace is a very good model as well! In a way, the sameness of Chloe's outfits have done Grace a disservice. I'd like to see her in something really different! Also her height, six feet, sometimes is a disadvantage - like with the skating dress. She was modeling something for a very petite woman. It may have been hard to imagine Sasha wearing it.

    But she's very good. As far as sass, Rebecca has the most; and as far as being just a pure model type, Tarah wins hands-down. She really is like Naomi Campbell - gorgeous proportions, great face and body, great personality, great walk. And she's worked on her muscle tone. It surprises me how soft many of the runway models are. Maybe next season the show can attract better models overall.

    I'm thinking the pay might be low, and the commitment long, so they may not be attracting top model types. I can easily imagine Tarah being a supermodel though.

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    Is Rachael actually an elongated marshmallow (as Tim said)? Side by side comparisons.

    Judge for yourself!

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    I feel so bad for Tarah! I don't Daniel is going to change models and that's depressing...I miss Tarah and Nick.

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    They really were a fabulous duo. I hope Nick rises above this. I feel he will. Meanwhile - if he gets into the top three, he can choose any models he wants to... and he can call Tarah back in! Wouldn't that be divine, poetic justice...

    I do wish they'd have shown Zulema's face when she lost. They barely showed it for a second. Bah! It would've been much more satisfying if they'd lingered. mua haha.

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    He does get to choose a new model if he get to the finals? I didn't realize that.

    And dang, you have some violence towards Zulema don't ya. I think they showed it enough to know she wanted to take those hideous glasses off and cry and probably scream too.

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    Violence?? I think you're overstating

    She struck me as very unlikeable. "I don't believe in fairness" "Cry and cut" (no empathy) and "I have no concern for Nick". Those aren't random things. I think one has to flinch hearing them.

    From what I recall of last season's final 3, they get to choose various models to work their show (I think one famous one, and the others, I'm not sure - from an agency?). Since Tarah is no longer on the show most likely, as of next time, I see no reason why Nick wouldn't be allowed to choose Tarah (for his collection, should he make it). Do I know for sure? No. But as far as I know there's no rule against it.

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    I'm really hoping that Rachael will improve, because when she walked for Nick this episode I thought she had a lot of potential. After being freed from the wicked Z (heh,heh) she actually tries her best to sell the outfit.

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