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Thread: Santino Rice - Season 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by muggle View Post
    Obviously a great talent and presence according to the judges, and he will probably be one of the final 3, but his attitude will cause him problems and may really hurt him in the long run. It will also keep us very entertained. This guy will be the one to watch.
    I couldn't agree more. He's got a lot of talent but his ego might be his downfall. The previews for the season showed him at one point getting into it with Nina Garcia.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Austin Gambler View Post
    I couldn't agree more. He's got a lot of talent but his ego might be his downfall. The previews for the season showed him at one point getting into it with Nina Garcia.
    Yeah that was pretty sweet. What is even sweeter I'm hoping is Nina Garcia's reaction, I honestly can't see her letting herself get steamrolled by Santino Rice. After all, he's an aspiring designer -- she's already made a name for herself as fashion editor of Elle.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata View Post
    He was just plain mean and had no sportmanship at all after the 2nd challenge when he claimed that the judges did not want to give him 2 in a row, that was insulting to Cloe, especially as he did it right in front of her.
    Yeah, he's insufferable! That was unbearably rude of him. I have a feeling he will make it far in the competition, but let's hope "pride goeth before a fall". I do like his designs, though.
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    Quote Originally Posted by spiffy View Post
    From Queerty, an online blog:

    "This season's Wendy Pepper is Santino."

    That's according to fellow contestants Nick, John and Raymundo. Not sure if they meant talent or temperment...
    Noooo he's definately not a Wendy Pepper!!! He's more of a Jay or Kara Saun. The man's got talent! I'd DEFINATELY want him to design something for me!! I say he can throw his hissy fits and lip service because he's got the talent to back it up! It would be different if he were like the contestant Tommy from The Cut.

    Plus he's a hometown boy!
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    Well, in the fashion biz, big ego is almost as important as talent and skill. He has to really believe in himself to put his work out there for make or break critique. He appears to have the talent and passion to back it up though. I might not like him as a person (and he is kind of creepy physically), but he may prove himself to be a contender.
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    Santino's eye for detail is amazing. He is an incredible designer who really knows how to construct a garment. His arrogance will always drive him to push the limit with his designs. I may not like his smirkiness (is that a word ) but I would let him dress me any day.

    His muslin dress was spectacular and had such a beautiful drape. Muslin can be a pain to work with, particularly the really cheap stuff. He really did a great job.

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    I agree with a lot of people in that he is kind of creepy and definitely has a strong personality, but I do think he is one of the best designers on this show. His outfits seem original and you can tell he enjoys and has passion for what he does.

    Now bring on his craziness and this should be a good season!

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    beware of fancy editing

    ok the comment was a bit catty but i went back and watched that part again and its a voice over as he's walking into the room. they took that audio from somewhere else perhaps a private interview at a different time.

    if you look closely in the brief party scenes, you'll see him running around laughing with the contestants and having a good time.

    also notice at the end of the first runway - he was the first to give sincere hugs to the "out" people.

    i think the editors are playing with the santino situation a little bit here - sure he's cocky and i like that about him - he's confident and he's talented - there should be no shame in that.

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    His designs rock! He obviously knows what he is doing and it shows. His presentation and attitude needs work but honestly you need that drive and confidence to make it. It's not always negative. I see him in the top 3 and in the Wendy Pepper spot as the guy everyone loves to hate. Except, unlike Wendy, he can design and do well. Flawless outfits that are very wearable and I agree with him, he should have won 2 in a row. Chloe was not better than his design. They just didn't want to overly favor him early on. Another one to watch.

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    I must be alone on this but I have to say I hated his "babydoll" dress in the semifinal challenge. I fell asleep on the second ep, so I haven't seen him being a big jerk yet, but I think that's coming on right now, so I'll find out soon enough.

    Also I hate his voice. Creeps me out.

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