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Thread: Daniel Franco - Season 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by Brandy View Post
    Hmm, Santino? Anywhere from 34-38.
    No way, more like 44 to 60

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    Lab Eating Man agamergirl's Avatar
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    I was sad to see him go. He's very talented but I agree about pushing the limits on time. If he can ever manage that, he'll go really far. And, he's a real cutie so I'll miss seeing his face.

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    Hmmm... PageSix is actually reporting that Daniel Franco is getting his own reality series???

    Quote Originally Posted by today's pagesix
    THAT Alla Wartenberg, the ex-stripper on "The Apprentice," has teamed up with Daniel Franco, a designer from "Project Runway," to develop a line of clothing and accessories - with cameras rolling for their new reality show.

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    Oh my.

    Alla is one cold customer! I wonder how Daniel Bliss will handle her input??

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    That show would be hillarious! Gonna miss Daniel F though.

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    So I'm watching what I guess is a repeat of "How Do I Look" on the Style Network, and the guest designer (helping with a teenager's makeover) is Daniel Franco.

    Anyway, this teen-aged girl thinks she might want to be a designer when she gets older, so Franco is supposed to collaborate with her and create a dress for Finola Hughes, the host of the show.

    The final result looked like it must have been 99% Daniel's creation (See episode 3 of PR or just look at the first dress in his collection on his website) and 1% the girl. Same color/black piecing concept. Looked nice on FH, I must say.

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    You know, I even saw that episode, ages ago and I didn't recall who the designer was! I still can't remember a face. All this time it was Daniel Franco! Very interesting, thanks, dallas!

    I do recall thinking the resulting dress looked very nice on Finola, and that the designer was very sweet to the teen. Very non competitive and non judgmental. (Sometimes the guest mentors on a show seem uninterested except in their own Tv time, but this one seemed nice.)

    So it's obvious I had not seen most of last season! LOL

    Well I wish this nice guy all the best. (Let's hope Alla doesn't eat him alive!)

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    He has a girlfriend???


    No way!!!!

    Get outta here!!!


    Wow... okay...
    "My life gets less like chess and more like whack-a-mole every day."
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    yep, by gosh, he swings straight.

    btw, received an email from him yesterday.
    I think everyone who has written to him personally (through his web site) received the same reply, but it was nice nonetheless.
    Trekker and Geocacher

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    [QUOTE=paradice777;1716522]Okay, no one has mentioned it. So, I see I have to.

    1. If he was born in 1971, how is he 31? Clearly, this is 2005. Wassup?


    It's the new math. Get's you everytime

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