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Thread: Daniel Vosovic - Season 2

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    mama: Well whose thread is it?

    denise: Others may have also said it but I think I said he'd fly under the radar... He has a very good eye for fabric, in my opinion. I'd have never chosen that fabric, on the bolt it looked too 'old' for Nicky and I'd have thought it would be 'loud' but it was cute as a dress.

    I did think it wasn't quite as evening-wear as some of the other ones though. But would make a killer cocktail, wine and cheese party or early evening dress. I had forgotten how young Nicky is - only 22! So the print may have been not quite what she wanted after all... But he definitely has talent, and his personality grows on ya.

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    Dan The Man

    Go Danny!!!!!!
    Yeah Baby He Won Once Again!!!
    Click to see Spoiler:
    Let Me Tell You Dan Is Going Far!! My Sister And Her Boyfriend Ran Into Him At The Mall In Michigan (where He Is Originally From) And He Said He Had To Go Back For Filming.
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    I was just cruising around the show's website and you can actually bid on the dress that was created! The current dress from last night is already over $200. Go Danny!
    Yup, with donuts!!

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    mamahaddon - well you do realise that you just gave away the ending of the show? LOL...

    You should really either put a spoiler tag around that, or put it in the spoiler thread (Season 2 Spoilers).

    I really figured as much, though.

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    I am a HUGE Daniel Vosovic fan. Me and my sister became fans of him over the holiday break. We have already bought the "Free Tim Gunn" shirt. And I am currently making a Daniel V shirt for me and my sister. I just haven't decided what to put on it.

    Now, I truly think Daniel should be one of the final 2. I am not sure who the other would be. Either Nick or Santino. And maybe Chloe as an outsider. I think his designs are amazing, and I truly think he understands the female form. The only thing I have to say is that he just needs maybe some confidence in his designs. On Tim Gunn's Ipod PodCast, he talks about how with the Lingerie win and the Nicky dress, he thinks Daniel's confidence is growing.

    ***Spoiler if you haven't seen Episode 6***

    And I cannot wait to buy Daniel's Banana Republic dress for my sisters.

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    I like him too!

    He has a lot of talent. He probably has the most simpliest designs and make them still look expensive.

    Reminds me of Marc Bouwer with the haircut.

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    ahh~! I am officially a Daniel Vosovic fangirl!
    Is there any way to download his audition tape?!

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    I've jumped on his bandwagon. Besides his personable style with people, I can see where he is just getting better and better with his designs. Go Daniel!

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    It's too bad we didn't get to see much of Daniel in the earlier episodes. He really is a little emo-boy heart throb, and with only 8 designers left, I'm already missing him. That's only 8 more episodes we get to see of him!
    "I've got soul, but I'm not a soldier." The Killers.

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    Give me a D-A-N-I-E-L what does that spell? Daniel!

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