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Thread: Chloe Dao - Season 2

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    Quote Originally Posted by hmcecho View Post
    The Santino comment did not happen like they presented it - if you watch he is not talking when the words are said - they most probably put words from another time in there to stir you guys up - the cameras are on these guys 24/7 - Chloe is a professional - with her own shop - and if she were the next great american designer - with all the press she has gotten before she appeared on this show - she would already be that
    Hmmm, "she would already be that" and Santino? His ego is bigger than his professional accomplishments. And what about his cussing and pouting in the corner after this latest challenge...edited too?

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    They re edited the Clothes Off Your Back show for the re runs. Proof (is) on TiVo! Too bad I don't know how to make a clip out of it etc. Not sure I have the prior show still either. But I definitely noticed this. They cut out his closeup and her closeup reaction. They have the comment now coming out of the back of his head while he walks by Chloe who is also standing. In the prior cut she was sitting down while she shook her head to his comment. Hmmmm. Either they are making him look better or got in hot water for cooking that up (but either way it's odd).

    I just love Chloe, cute (in the best sense) capable and a great attitude overall. I think she will make it to the final 3. Her designs do tend to be very young and summery but well, at least she does have a vision I guess. I could imagine her having her own line some day. Santino needs to focus on the bigger picture more (Jay never won a challenge, right?) and stop sweating. Part of all this is also - they all get a chance to publicise themselves and win over the public. He's not doing that exactly)

    But Chloe, your Barbie dress was boring. Sorry. I think the designers who have had a career in a specific type of design before this show, keep outing that in their designs. Her Barbie gown was more like she might make for a real life young woman. But on Barbie it was blah. It looked like a handkerchief. Emmett's clothes all kind of look like they'd make a nice men's button down shirt. Kirsten's looked like she had a bikini in mind. Daniel F's are too tailory and more old money matron.

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    I really, really like Chloe. I like the clean lines, and I find the wearability of her clothes to be a positive and not a negative. I could see myself wearing them, and yet still find them to be innovative and fresh.

    Her winning design in ep 2 was an achievement for having the least to work with, definitely, but even without that in mind, it caught my eye and was my instant favorite the second I saw it on the runway.

    I did like the Barbie dress too, a very sweet dress, pretty but also had some interesting architectural elements.

    Beyond all this, Chloe is just...nice! Great personality, drama-free, darling. All around, she is one of the people I'm rooting for.
    Sending good vibes and warm fuzzies your way..., SnowflakeGirl
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    Yes, isn't she who you'd want to go to, to order a gown or an outfit? She'd make a great wedding gown designer along the lines of a Vera Wang. And it seems a direction she could easily go in (I'm not saying exclusively). She has a calm about her no matter what, and she doesn't seem like she'd snicker behind the back of a client.

    Even if she does trash talk on Marla. LOL

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    Did anybody else wonder - what was with the lingering Chloe morning butt shot? Camera men come on. LOL

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    She's definatley Fashion week Material. Don't think she'll win. But she's the strongest female.

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    Yep I think Chloe, Nick and Santino for the final 3.

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    I really hope she goes far. I love her work and she seems like she's got a good attitude.

    In addition, she's ADORABLE!

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    The cameraman for the last episode apparently thought so!

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    Chloe is the queen of the left handed compliment.

    First, about Kirsten - "I didn't want Kirsten to leave. BUT I feel her leaving was correct. She was not the most talented."

    Now, TO Daniel F - "You're such a good person. To me that is more important than being a great designer."


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