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Thread: Chloe Dao - Season 2

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    Maveno I thought she and Santino both looked bedraggled when I saw the Getty photos, but, once I found out about the 13th design, no wonder. She was already exhausted, having barely gotten things done in time and got there already stressed and tired... probably feeling like oh no here we go again... and then the show sprang this on her.

    They barely had time to finish as it was, and remember Daniel said he got 4 hours sleep in three days or something... that's just ridiculous. The show should not have sprung that on the final 3. Let them enjoy their show in peace and looking rested and well. So I blame it on the producers.

    Hopefully she was able to enjoy her viewing party and had time to get her nails and hair done and all that, and wow 'em. She looked kind of in a daze, but I chalk it up to no sleep. I think she even mentioned she had gotten no sleep.

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    I just posted something about Chloe's win was one for the American dream, too. It's in the 3/8 Spoiler thread. I hope to hear what folks think.

    I'm glad she won, but not so much for fashion reasons, but for her family's struggle to come here and achieve the American dream!

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    Well done Chloe!

    My partner and I both thought she was VERY deserving of the win!

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    I have no problem with Chloe winning, although I predicted Santino.

    Her collection of evening dresses ranged from dresses that you see on the red carpet to dresses you see at cocktail parties in the tonier parts of town. She annoyed me with her "looks expensive" comments, but the more I think about it, that is Chloe's voice / point of view. I can see starlets on the red carpet saying that they are wearing a Chloe Dao and also see the Chloe Dao section in Bergdorf's, Saks or Neiman Marcus.

    The whole living in Texas thing doesn't bother me. Yes, NYC is the fashion capital, but in this day and age, boundaries are blurred. Since Chloe has an established business, which will no doubt grow exponentially, I think she can finance the trips back and forth to NYC when she needs to do the New York thing. My guess is that the $100K is a nice cushion, but Chloe was more in it for the exposure. I think her route to success is more distribution agreements with the high end department stores (or her own chain of stores), rather than putting on splashy Fashion Week shows and editorials in Elle and Vogue.
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    This is my first post here...but I'm actually pretty glad that Chloe won, after all, since she'll know what to do with the industry because of her business skills. I'm sure she'll do really well in this. And do you guys think Danny V. will end up working with Michael Kors?

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    Hree's an interesting story on Chloe, from the Vietnamese website, Thanh Nien Daily:


    Chloe wants to return to vietnam to do a charity fashion show.

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    kurtz that's great! She has a good heart.

    Rei: According to an article, yes Daniel is in talks with Kors to accept that job. Click on his thread in the forum here for more.

    aga: You're right - now with the internet, does it really matter where the brick and mortar is? I think it's smart of her not to give up her family support and companionship. Why go to NYC and struggle at this point.

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    Just got to see the finale in Canada this week.
    I wasn't too fond of Chloe's collection.
    It was the fabrics I didn't like more than the designs themselves, but what was with the shrugs?
    Hardly innovative.
    I didn't like the heaviness of her fabrics or the saturated colours of the solids, although I did like green and pink and the green and blue printed fabrics.
    I preferred Daniel's collection.
    I liked his designs and choices of fabrics and would actually have worn many of his designs.
    I did love Chloe's seaming details.
    She really needs to invest in a few decent bras for herself though.

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    is chloe's elle spread out yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by fayewong View Post
    is chloe's elle spread out yet?

    Chloe and Grace


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