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Thread: Bid For The Outfits

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    Bid For The Outfits

    March 2, 2005 -- You have until 9 tonight to bid on outfits like the one shown here from last week's "Project Runway" finale on Bravo.
    The dress, one of the 12 creations designed by third-place finisher Wendy Pepper, is up for auction on-line, along with those created by second-place Kara Saun and grand-prize winner Jay McCarroll.

    Yesterday, McCarroll's creations were, understandably, the subject of the most intense bidding, with prices far outpacing the also-rans. Interested? Then go to http://project runway.at.edeal.com to find out more.

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    Wow, that was interesting to see what the various ensembles went for.

    Wonder if those bidding for Kara Saun's outfits got the shoes, too.

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    The quilted coat went for $1900.00!
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    So I did a little tally on the final designs, and averaged the prices since not all designs were put up for auction. These are the average price each designer got for their outfits:

    1. Jay ($836.67)
    2. Kara Saun ($581.67)
    3. Wendy ($291.67)
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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    The quilted coat went for $1900.00!

    Would that I had the money, I would have paid that. It was my #1 favorite piece of the entire series! Absolutely gorgeous and the epitome of what I wanted to "SEE" the designers do with their talents given the time.
    And I don't even LIKE quilts!

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