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Thread: Project Runway Models and Music?

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    Project Runway Models and Music?

    Does anyone know where I can find the names of the models who walked the runway and the music played during the final show? I checked the bravo website and couldn't find the info there.


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    Unfortunately, the only music I can identify is from Austin's runway show, for anyone who's interested. One of the reviewers referred to it as "Yankee Doodle Dandy" music, but its in fact Aaron Copeland -- (1) Appalachian Springs and (2) Fanfare for the Common Man, I believe.

    Wendy's, if you're interested, was something she had custom made (apparently) and someone posted a blurb and a link about it in one of the threads, probably Wendy's, so you can find out more about it if you want.

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    Here is the contact info for the guy who did Kara Saun's music. His name is Jason "JFK" Fleming, and the title of Kara Saun's track is "FLY GIRL".

    Jason "JFK" Fleming
    Office Contact -Troy Carter: (310)205-5072

    Wendy's music was done by a musician named Lisa Reagan. She is an artist who lives near Wendy (I guess).

    Still don't know the track Jay used.
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