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Thread: Project Runway Knockoff

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    Project Runway Knockoff

    Has anyone heard of this yet? Frankly, Hilfiger makes me


    THE CUT is a new reality series that will pit 16 style-savvy contestants against each other in a competition to find America's fashion trendsetter of tomorrow.

    Fashion guru Tommy Hilfiger will host the series and, ultimately, mentor the winner who will be awarded the opportunity to design his or her own collection under the Tommy Hilfiger label and become the next great American designer.

    The competitors will need to show their unique sense of style and creativity to prove they have the necessary tools to survive and succeed in the high-stakes fashion industry. Living together in New York City, the aspiring designers will be given real fashion world challenges that will test their talent, business acumen, sales and marketing expertise, resourcefulness and style IQs. Each week, Hilfiger and his "Style Council," which will consist of guest advisors, will rate the hopefuls on their results and cut one contestant.

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    Sounds like Project Runway meets The Apprentice.

    Yeah, its a knock off, but then again, one could complain that Project Runway is a takeoff of America's Next Top Model, in a way. I'm not going to get my knickers in a knot about it, at least not at this point, not unless it dilutes the audience for PR, or the PR producers try to get more sensational to compete with it.

    Since its going to be on network television (on CBS) its probably going to be geared towards the lowest common denominator, and will undoubtedly be pandering to the Survivor loving crowd, as opposed to those who actually are interested in fashion, fashion design, and the industry itself. In spite of all the Wendy related stuff, I've learned a lot about fashion designing and the fashion industry from PR, doubt I could say as much about the knock off, but heck, folks without cable have to have *something* to watch.

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    On the one hand, I'm dying for another designer.

    On the other hand, the prize is a job with Tommy Friggin' Hilfiger, the blandest American designer that ever tried to make preppy knockoffs for the urban set. I honestly *can't* seem anyone as cool or as talented as Jay or Austin or Nora or Kara coming in from the show. Only would-be designers as bland Alexandra as or crazy as Wendy will probably make it...

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