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Thread: 2/16 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    I don't think you can have another Wendy and they'd be stupid to try. Wendy was so oddly...Wendy. She wasn't just a villain, she was very unique. I think they know how popular the Top 3 (Top 3, not Final 3) were (Kara Saun, Jay, and Austin) because of things like Austin's tribute and such. They have to know from what they've seen on the website that they had a good thing going with those people and will probably look for the same eclectic group again.

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    Bravo is running a marathon of the all the PR episodes this Sunday and I finished watching epsiode 1 and 2. The atmosphere between ep 1 and ep 2 is remarkable. In the first ep every one is having a good time serious but not too serious but after the 1st elimination and the the start of the 2 ep the tension just rises and you can see people going crazy.

    One thing about Wendy, this entire show is like one big therapy session for her she reveals so much about her self and people didn't like what they saw. Partly I think is we all have a bit of Wendy inside of ourselves and we are not proud of that fact. You really do not see to much past the surface in people like Daniel, Mario, Robert, Nora, Starr, Kevin. They don't give much so we don't respond much. Now Vanessa, boy did she reveal lots to us and see the reaction. I know people didn't like Wendy but lets face it Vanessa is postively EVIL. Especially based on her on comment in Ep 1 that she had all the skills and experience and that she diserved to win this hands down.

    After watch the the first 2 episodes the right people were eliminated. Daniel and Mario had such big egos that they expected the judges and everyone else just to bow down to their brilliance and not too work to hard. Jay or Robert said it right, within 3 ft of Daniel you get sucked into his world and his muse but when you step back you go. Ugh, that's ugly. Mario didn't even try. and to listen to their confessionals about their visions and muses and bliss, both are delusional, Mario more so than Daniel.

    What I found funny in the 2/16 show is that Mario was one of the first to ask Wendy if she got here on her talent or backstabbing as if his creations were that great. I know in his mind his is the greatest but we and the judges did not see it. Designers need egos but they also need talent, luck, and business savvy to suceed and Mario does not have the complete package.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bearcata
    Bravo is running a marathon of the all the PR episodes this Sunday...
    Bearcata -- I'm so glad I read your post because I missed the first four episodes and was able to watch them today. Thanks.
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