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Thread: So where the heck was Nancy O'Dell???

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    I would have liked Austin's design better, too, especially since the photos from the Bravo website didn't do the colors of the fabric justice (they were washed out compared to the way they looked on both my TVs).

    ETA: Either Jay's or Kara Saun's would have looked better, too...
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    Hardaway, you are too cool for school. Thank you for doing that.

    Well, it's hard to tell exactly, but maybe the top is a bit unflattering. And since Nancy seemed interested primarily in what her top would look like, Jay's misses the mark. Still don't think she'd ever wear the skirt either. She's not that much of a risktaker, obviously.
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    I think I've just found Wendy Pepper's muse!
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    Good one, Winston.

    Ooh, I've missed all the fun in this thread! Loving the Nancy O'Dell paper doll action, Hardaway!

    I really think Austin's dress was much closer to divine, but now that I think of it the Grammys really are much more casual; besides, Nancy's such a generic plastic tv presenter, it wouldn't have been right for her to look that good. She got the dress she deserved.
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    Yep, Snowflake

    I agree! I think the judges actually tried to steer Nancy away from choosing Wendy--talking about her inconsistency, etc. But of course she was the one who felt like her image was on the line, so in spite of the designers' past work she had to choose the one that she felt would look best on her in front of millions of people. The judges couldn't help it that all her taste is in her mouth.

    I loved Austin's the most, really. But I have to admit that for the Grammys Jay's would have worked beautifully. I don't think I minded the top as much as most--I kinda would have liked to see it starting in black at the top and fading to red, where the skirt picked up the red and faded back to black, but even with the existing top I think Nancy might actually look best in his (though I still bemoan the loss of lil Austin).

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    Wow, Hardaway, you are a true artiste! Despite the photo problems, I actually like this virutally "on" Nancy. It goes with her skin tone much better than orange. I am so angry that Austin got cut because Nancy O'Dell has bad taste! I had no impression of her whatsoever before this show, and now I have an actively bad one. Good job, Nancy's manager!

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    ManicOrganic. I had no impression of her whatsoever before the show, but she did come across as an empty "talking head" that needs a teleprompter. It would be interesting to hear form the producers and insiders on the show what they were thinking while the filming was taking place. I am sure that they did not anticiapte the reception that the show has garnered. What must have seemed like a no brainer to O'Dell (free dress and some personal publicity) did not trun out very well.

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    Oh God! Nancy looks like she's wearing what could be a maternity line of Garanimals! The way the hem on her top is sooo incrediably unflattering!

    I think she would've done better in Kara's. It was Grammy-funky with the pants and the top was elegant enough for an awards show. However, I'm totally in love with Jay's skirt.
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