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I wish they had another method of choosing the winning model. I felt Melissa got cheated out of the spread in Elle magazine through no fault of her own because she had the misfortune to be chosen by Wendy for the last challenge. Perhaps they should have seperate challenges for the models or have the designers vote on their favorite model to work with from the final three. None of the other designers were able to choose Melissa once Wendy chose her and either one of them might have snapped her up if Wendy hadn't.
I'm mixed on the model selection. It probably would be better to have slightly better defined guidelines for the winning model. But I disagree about anyone else choosing Melissa. Kara Saun really stuck with Jenny after the wedding challenge, and Jay loved his Julia. Besides, Jay never chose Melissa before (from what I remember), and I have a feeling her win for Austin grossed him out for her.