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Thread: Episode 9 portfolio

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    Austin's is absolutely beautiful. How could he have lost? I don't like the top on Wendys. I usually love Kara's work, but I don't care for this. Jays is ok.

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    Aren't these designers supposed to be displaying couture in the first place???

    Well, at least Austin will design her dress for the Oscars!

    I have a feeling that these designers are going to become very successful because of this show.
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    Austin--The judges did have a fair criticism: he didn't listen. That Nancy chick specifically said she didn't want a gown, and that a gown was not appropriate. Whether or not Austin agreed, he should have learned by now that you've got to listen to the request of the client!

    KaraSaun--Tim was right; she should have lost the pants. The top was nice though. I usually hate sparkly fabric, but this looked good. And I don't buy that "too ethnic" crap.

    Wendy--The feathers are soooo "ya-ya sisterhood". Supremely tacky. The top was o.k. but it didn't fit Melissa right; her breasts looked misshapen in it and the cut of the tunic part was matronly. She again made her model look wide.

    Jay--I liked his the best. The skirt was perfection. I even liked the top, as I think that it'd be appropriate to wear on t.v. as a host of a cheesy infotainment show. Nancy didn't have a whole lot to show up top, so it's best to keep the attention to that region at a minimum.

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    The one thing that really bugs me about Kara Saun's is the splash of orange fabric over the left shoulder. It looks totally out of place. The pants would work if they were a touch more form-fitting and the dress shorter. The hemlines on the dress were also a mess. I'm so sick of asymmetry, and the tattered edges didn't go with the rest of the look. Wow... I guess more than one thing bugged me about it.

    Kara Saun was very lucky cumulative performance had more to do with the judging than Tim would concede.
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    da huffinator
    Wendy actually deserved to win, cuz that was her best work yet. Jay's outfit is half good. Austin is really nice, but for Grammy's it's too dressy. That's like wearing a Tuxedo to Homecoming dance. Kara's didn't need the pants, but even then, it looks too old still. haha Melissa (wendy's model) has narrow boobs in that picture

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    Quote Originally Posted by FairytaleDREAMS
    WINNER: Wendy (Model Melissa)

    Wendy doesn't have an OUNCE of creativity in her entire soul! Look at all of those outfits! They all have the same:

    1) Ruched, boob-bearing, boob-squishing bodice
    2) Frayed, assymetrical hem
    3) Sloppy, close-to-the-body-only-because-of-ties construction

    As Wendy herself said, she's ONLY still in this competition because someone has always managed to suck harder than her week after week. She certainly isn't in it because of her beautifully made clothes!

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    I agree that Kara Saun's design was essentially a shalwar kameez (Indian tunic and pants -- minus the dupatta/stole). As such, I didn't find it all that innovative or special, as Indian women wear this kind of thing in beautiful fabrics and cuts to go to the market. As such, I found it quotidian and not her best work -- but NOT because I thought it too ethnic.

    I love Austin, but did think he missed the point of this challenge in that it wasn't the greatest Grammy wear. Still awfully beautiful, though. And I hope Nancy O'Dell was sincere in asking him to do her Oscar gown. I can't think of anyone better to design it! But I'm very sad we won't get to see an haute couture collection from him, as it's something I've waited for all along.

    Jay's missed the mark, IMO. Yes, the skirt was great. But I thought the top was awful. As an entire outfit, it didn't work for me.

    So, I can see how Wendy won the competition. I didn't mind the feathers, and got what she was conveying, a pleasing look whether photographed from the midriff and up, and also in a full-length view. The monochrome didn't bother me. I don't hate Wendy as much as others do -- especially not as much as the other contestants seem to. But overall, I thought the best three designers were Austin, Kara and Jay.

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    Wendy: Why the feathers are underneat the skirt is baffling. I'm also baffled by the unflattering cut aorund the bust, which whill no-doubt earn Nancy O'Dell's breasts puddle status.

    Jay: I'm just glad he's still in. Lets put it that way.

    Austin: BEAUTIFUL. But, as usual, off target. If he chopped it off all raggedy around the legs it would be perfect - but I totally get a Nancy O'Dell oscar vibe from it. That or Beyonce music video?

    Kara: I dunno, its nice but not ACCESS HOLLYWOOD. Maybe like... Norah Jones.

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    Oh, puh-leeze. Austin, Kara Saun and Jay rock. Wendy sucks.

    Anyone could have slapped a little halter top on a model. There was very little designing involved. You could pick up the same halter top at any TJ Maxx.

    If anything, Austin missed the boat and sealed his doom by designing from his view and not designing for the particular challenge. But his designs were always exquisite, especially being created in a short time frame.

    Austin can design my wedding dress any day.

    Kara Saun should have designed her trousers more like tighter fitting cigarette pants to offset the flowing top. She's a frigging genius.

    Jay's top was all wrong, but the skirt was gorgeous.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenGuysMama
    Oh, puh-leeze. Austin, Kara Saun and Jay rock. Wendy sucks.

    Anyone could have slapped a little halter top on a model. There was very little designing involved. You could pick up the same halter top at any TJ Maxx.
    you're so right. and I think Kara's outfit would've looked much better with tighter pants too. and maybe not that orange blip of fabric coming out of the left shoulder strap.

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