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Thread: 2/2 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Oh My Gawd! Austin has the skinniest legs in the WORLD!
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    has anyone mentioned robert's butt yet?

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    Quote Originally Posted by evilgemini
    kara wins!!!!! but no mention of an automatic "in" for next week.
    Jay: a "close: 2nd.
    There is no automatic in for Kara Saun.

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    About the models...I went back and looked at the preview for next week's episode on Tivo in slow mo, **SPOILERS**
    Click to see Spoiler:
    then paused, and Melissa is clearly still there. So Olga must get the ax next show. Not surprising, since it was only the straight men who continued to pick her, never the women, and well, I don't mean to be hasty, but I suspect we're out of straight male contestants.

    Yup, its Melissa wearing Wendy's goshawful bright orange creation. The color alone screams "I have no taste, and no sense of what colors look best on my model, or indeed 99% of women." but then she added some sort of frills or fringe on the bottom. Yech. As a pale skinned dark haired brunette, I can tell you nobody with my coloring (as in the case of Melissa) is going to be complimented by a neon orange dress. A definite "please eliminate skunk hair" creation, if I ever saw one. Particularly since they have a bit of Wendy saying "I enjoy watching people squirm. I could stay there forever." Bad karma, cockroach gotta go!
    Last edited by hepcat; 02-03-2005 at 02:31 AM. Reason: spoilers for next week's episode

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    About Austin. The judges thought Jay's outfit was too butch? Maybe they didn't see Austin in the USPS uniform, but he DID look like a 12-year old girl in it. I have a feeling that Austin would make a prom dress look too butch.

    LOVED Kara Saun's outfit. I'd like to see either her or Jay win - they seem to be the most consistent.
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    Saw it coming, Robert got the boot but I think everyone has been thinking the same he has been coasting on his charm from the beginning.

    I hope Kara Saun wins. She listens to the assignment and really thinks thru how do complete it and she gives the client what they want and that is where Austin is having problems and so is Wendy and Jay. From the beginning Robert never seemed to get the assigments and he's gone. I didn't think Jay's was too butch, it must have been the boots. I liked his sweater and the logo on the back. It would look good in a fleece vest or jacket also in the grey and lite blue.

    I like Wendy but her air of desperation is making her do things that she properly will regret. I wish that she had listened to the director of Parson's when he gave her some advice. Hello, he was trying to help not sabotage you, don't you get it? He was right in that her design style appeals to a broader range of people and she will be perfect working at Banana Republic but I don't think she will win. The trouble is that Jif Jay or Austin if they win will not do well under the rules and regs of Banana Republic they want to see their own vision. Kara Saun would do well under BR and with her own line.

    Anyway, it was fun seeing Roberto's butt in all it's naked glory and for more than a second or 2.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gemma
    has anyone mentioned robert's butt yet?
    Frosty, Robert's butt made even BETTER TV!!!

    I knew he had to go sometime. But I do like the lightweight tee he designed. Just wish he could've put more on it.

    I thought he was going to cry after Heidi said he was eliminated! Did anyone catch the weird look on his face?

    I thought I was going to up and die when Jay told Wendy she's a cockroach because she never dies! I absolutely LOVE that man!

    I think Kara Saun is going to win hands down with Jay coming in second.
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    My bet is Tim Gunn put that line thru Wendy's picture, because she was so snotty with him when he was trying to help her. Nah, just kidding. I really think there's a high probability that she did it herself.

    This was the best episode yet--Austin modeling, Robert's naked self, the most exuberant judge (the lady from the post office), and the use of the word "farty" (takes me back to when I was 10 and used that term all the time).

    Next week's looks good as well. I suspect the "technical assistance" the remaining folks get is from previously booted contestants, a la The Apprentice.

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    Quote Originally Posted by gemma
    has anyone mentioned robert's butt yet?
    That was better than watching the runway show. Can somebody get me a screencap?

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    Quote Originally Posted by -ANTM-
    Those aren't cheekbones. Those are cheeks been clamped in by teeth.

    I LOVED this episode! This made the whole series worth it!

    My moments:

    Austin's face when he was paired with Wendy
    Austin modeling (what a very gracious thing to do, though. Can you imagine the Apprentice people helping each other out?)
    Jay: "You're like a cockroach!"

    I actually didn't laugh at Wendy's meltdown until reading this today. It never would occur to me to draw on my daughter's picture, but I now agree that I could see Wendy doing that.
    Mayby Morganzilla snuck in and did it.

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