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Thread: Episode 1/19/05 - Not-So-Adult Swim

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    Quote Originally Posted by lobeck
    Excellent job, Hepster!

    Oh, and VBelle...how did you know my Manolos were red?
    Cuz I rock like that, apparently. Just like you rock the recaps.

    LATAS: Full quote from IMDB:
    You do an eclectic celebration of the dance! You do Fosse, Fosse, Fosse! You do Martha Graham, Martha Graham, Martha Graham! Or Twyla, Twyla, Twyla! Or Michael Kidde, Michael Kidde, Michael Kidde, Michael Kidde! Or Madonna, Madonna, Madonna!... but you keep it all inside.

    I knew most of it, but forgot the order. I watched it twice this weekend.
    Could does not mean should

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    ABSOLUTELY EVERYBODY calls Kara Saun "Kara Saun". When Nora got upset, she said "I don't understand why Kara Saun had to say that." She probably has it in her contract -- everybody must refer to me by my FULL name -- very good marketing device, that. She's a smart cookie.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    What’s that? It’s not nice to refer to the young models as “meat?” All right, then. “Human stick figures” is more accurate anyway.

    Heidi announces that Kara Saun will be the first to choose. (Have you noticed that Heidi never calls her just “Kara”? I do it too, I can’t help it. She just seems like a Kara Saun, not a Kara.)

    Joy says the experience has been like summer camp. Without all the humiliating communal showers and singing around the campfire, I hope.

    The fabric is sheer, and Martinique’s, um, assets are visible. Wendy has included a thong with the design, but there’s a problem. She’s never made a thong before, and the result must one-up the Janet Jackson wardrobe malfunction, as we’re not allowed to see it on the model.

    Luckily, Martinique has her own thong she can wear under the dress - oops, I mean swimsuit. Truly, there’s no way that sheer, see-through suit would be worn in a pool, unless that pool was at Hugh Hefner’s pad.

    Her model, Erin, could not be thinner if she tried, and yet Alexandra has made a suit that’s too small for the whisper-thin model. She makes her wear it anyway, and the result is a lot of skin showing. A lot of skin, a ribcage, and an assortment of bony junctures.

    I don’t think the fashion mogul cared what he was saying, as long as Melissa stood there smiling at him as he said it. Austin points out that Melissa is drinking ginger ale, as she is only sixteen. Now that will be remembered. From the up-and-down he gave the girl, I’m saying it will no doubt be a frequent and standout memory of the night.

    The camera follows Austin in particular, writhing on the dance floor like an interpretive dancer extraordinaire. While the designers dance, Austin’s secret weapon goes to work...Melissa! That saucy little number parks her half-naked self next to the columnist and works it like the rent was due (to borrow a phrase from ANTM’s beloved Mrs. J).

    In a flash, Morgan loses her temper and dramatically declares that she should be eliminated. Wouldn’t it be funny if reality show contestants were ushered out from in front of the cameras the instant they made one of these self-serving dramatic statements?

    Also present at the event: Austin’s hair. Have you ever seen an astronaut give an interview from the space shuttle? Austin’s hair flies even higher, defying two immutable laws: gravity and social convention.

    Alexandra is sent upstairs to pack up her scraps. But not to worry, she tells us, “things happen for a reason.” And that reason was you told the judges exactly whose suit you were trying to copy.

    I’ll take the suit that requires the least amount of shaving. hepcat@fansofrealitytv.com
    I noticed that everyone calls her Kara Saun as well, glad you commented on it. Excellent recap as always Hep, I look forward to the next one.

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