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Thread: Heidi

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    Quote Originally Posted by DagnyTaggart
    The article at the top of the thread says she is known as The Body - but wasn't that Elle Macpherson's nickname, not Heidi Klum's?
    You're right. "The Body" is referred to Elle.
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    I posted this in the Kevin thread but thought it should go here too.

    Caught the Today show this morning by accident and saw Heidi on there. She was wearing an ivory/light cream skirt and a tan sleevless top with a gold/darker tan accents on it and she did say that it was Kevin's. Hard to see it since she was on that stool. She did say that she thought all of the designers were talented and that she has been wearing them and is sure she will see some of them come into their own as designers. She said that Wendy was not as liked because of her methods of deception and cunning that she used during the show. She was over all kind about what she said about them all. I wouln't expect her to be anything but positive. I will say though that she impressed me this morning with how dedicated she seemed to the designers and the show. She also looked better hair and makeup wise and seemed way more articulate then she has on the show. She talked a little about the 3 pieces on display behind them (Jay's Grammy outfit, Wendy's BR dress and Kara's envy outfit). At the very end she was asked about a new season and she just said that they are still in talks about it.

    Hope I didn't repeat info too much.

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    I thought Heidi was cute in some of her reaction shots to the designer pitches. They were kissing up to her big time and she was loving it.

    I do wonder if she selected the team leaders based on the actual designs she was shown or on who made the best pitch.
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    I agree aga! Especially the "Oooo making love" reaction she had, I really thought she was adorable throughout that exchange.
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    Thanks for finding the Heidi thread, for some reason I coudln't find it!

    Just wanted to say this... we get inured to beautiful faces/people in tv and in movies... but wow, once she sat next to "real people" it was obvious suddenly, how stunningly beautiful she is. She's PERFECT.

    I wonder honestly what type of life she had prior to modeling? Did she have great parents who brought her up to be well rounded and balanced emotionally? She had to have gotten jealousy from girls and strange behavior from boys - I bet some boys were obnoxious and others were totally shy around her. She handled Daniel's weird semi-flirting very well. And drawing a boundary with Santino who almost got a lil inappropriate as well.

    "This is for you, Heidi Klum" - a big Auf Wiedersehn across a model's rear. Nice, LOL.

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    I was not a fan of Heidi as host last season; she was dry and robotic and seemed really uninvolved with the designers, but I like her so much more this time around. She actually seems alive and animated! I think that baby has given her a burst of liveliness -- she interacts more with the designers and there's even a sparkle of joie de vivre in her eyes. Host Heidi is much improved.

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    Maybe it's Seal we have to thank. He seems to worship her!

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    I agree, Mother Sister. I couldn't stand Heidi as a judge last season but I like her a LOT more this season.

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    Well, if it is true that Santino ranted and verbally assaulted the judges for 90 minutes during the lingerie challenge voting then she would have earned extra points in my book if she would have stood up and smacked the sh*t out of him.

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    I can't imagine anyone arguing about ANYthing for 90 minutes, I wonder if Tim is counting the camera changes and breaks and all that?! Why in the world didn't someone offer him a cup of tea and a comfy chair and tell him to take a deep breath.

    Yes Heidi does seem very even keel. Very balanced, logical and with a sense of humor inside too. Like Tim said. I thougth I detected all that in the twinkle in her eye before. But I agree w/Tim's podcast it's nice we got to actually see it. It is almost like she holds back the rest of the time. I wonder if that's because of people giving her a hard time growing up, standing out for being THAT pretty can mean exclusion just as much as standing out for other reasons. Depends how secure the people around her are.

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