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Thread: Episode 5 Portfolio

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salome
    I wouldn't go over $170 for any of these designs, and only if it were wearable, so I don't think I'll ever win. I got Shandi's Fairchild Italian challenge outfit for $80; I totally robbed her, but no one else bid!
    Which outfit was that? The one she picked out and won the challenge with or the Solstice dress or something else? Whatever it is, I'm jealous! How did I not know about these auctions? Probably cuz I didn't know about FORT. Did they auction any of ANTM's clothes from last season?? I'd definitely pay a lot more for ANTM clothes than Project Runway.

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    I liked Kara's (classy in its simplicity), Wendy's (love the diagonal back!), and Robert's (not just because I like his face but, because you can change it from long for the ceremony to short for the reception).
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