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Thread: Post your predictions for the Final 3

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    that's what i think, hep. i think the obviously less talented have been eliminated... though i think wendy has one foot out the door and will be the next to go. and honestly, nora has done nothing to impress me since her lawn chair dress in epi 1.

    i think kara and austin are shoo ins for the top 3, but that the 3rd slot is anyone's guess.

    vanessa just obviously has a gift. her work is awesome.

    i really like alexandra - and think she's very talented and produces consistently good work.

    kevin's dress in the last epi was great imo.

    jay's dress was unbelievably amazing and my favorite in the last epi, but he believes himself to be a slave to the rock n roll stuff, so i'm not sure he'll have another amazing creation like his art deco piece.

    robert is talented, even though his blue and animal print fell far short.

    that third slot is just there for the taking. and actually, who knows about austin? though i thought his last dress for the BR show was amazing, the judges were all quite unenthusiastic about it. they might boot him earlier than i would expect. in fact, every week just depends on having a good outcome. and i don't think it would be out of the ordinary for each person at some point to have a week like robert's last effort - where they simply have too many designs in mind and end up producing crap. and that could be the week they get the boot... especially when all (sans wendy) are talented.

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    It is too early to tell (hence the *predictions* part of the predictions) because someone really good could get eliminated because they're not good at following directions/limitations/designing for mass market/designing for Banana Republic/basically staying within the box, but I can reasonably be certain that Wendy, Kevin and Nora won't be in the final three.

    My guess at this point is Austin, Kara and (Vanessa or Alexandra, leaning towards Alexandra)

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    At this point I would guess it will be Kara, Vanessa, and either Austin or Nora
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    I think Kara and Austin both have excellent chances. For the other one maybe...Vanessa or Alexandra?

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    Picks for Final 3

    Who would you put in the final 3:

    My picks are:
    Kara, Austin, wildcard ... I guess Jay
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    Jay, Austin, and Kara. (Wow, same picks )

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    Austin, Kara, and Robert.

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    I've liked Austin since the beginning, but after last night, I'm not too sure about him. He just flipped out last night. If he stays on that path, I don't know how far he'll go. I said he was for sure in the Finals back in the beginning, and I'm still confident he will, but his chances have gone from a sure thing, to a probably (at least, for me.)

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    Jay and Kara for sure. Maybe Austin .

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    Kara, Austin, Jay here, too.

    Of course Austin is a drama queen. He's a designer. Jay is, too. He's just the anti-queen, preferring to be bitchy and sarcastic, instead.

    I'd love to see a sit-com... The Oddest Couple, starring Austin and Jay!

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