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Thread: The Models

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    I'm not sure how they're going to decide who wins the models' competition. Is it just who happens to be picked by the winning designer? It seems odd since several models will be in each designer's show.
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    Quote Originally Posted by hepcat
    I'm not sure how they're going to decide who wins the models' competition. Is it just who happens to be picked by the winning designer? It seems odd since several models will be in each designer's show.
    I bet Nina and Anne are going to have a huge say in the model judging. Would it be fair to award it to the model who gets selected by the winning designer? I'm not sure it would be.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FairytaleDREAMS
    Martinique is so great - I would love to see her win!

    Jenny and Melissa are also my favourites. Julia has to go - maybe it's just bad luck, but almost every outfit she wore to runway was ugly in my opinion.

    Martinique has such a nice body also.

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    I want Julia or Jenny to win. They have great bodies and unique looks maybe Julia more than Jenny. I don't know why Julia was late for Jay's segment (I didn't like it). So far both Julia and Jenny have been very professional, humble and open minded. I wish them luck!

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    I was hoping Julia would be eliminated because she didn't show up. I hate when the ones that pull stuff like that aren't eliminated and the reliable ones go home. I know, Dra-ma!, but it still reeks for the others.
    If a family member was taken to the hospital or something, that'd be different but they surely would have let the viewers know if it was an emergency like that.
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    apparently julia was on another assignment which would be over at 4pm and that would give her time to get to the Project runway set at 5pm, but whoever she was modeling for was selfish with her time and wouldn't let her go. finally her agency called and told her to just leave but she got back to the Project runway set too late................julia doesn't seem flaky like morgan, she seems much more serious.

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    I'm perfectly OK with either Jenny or Julia getting the Elle spread, even though I personally prefer both Melissa and Martinique because I think both Martinique and Melissa will have fabulous careers on their own and end up in Elle magazine many times in the future.

    Although I am quite *curious* as to why Austin seemed to have bonded with Melissa, had chosen her several times in a row, called her his muse, etc., and then suddenly switched to Erin and then switched and settled on Martinique. Maybe he was spooked by Mr. Page 6's question about her becoming a star instead of him (although Martinique is hardly wallflower material herself), or maybe he was subsequently turned off by Melissa's attempts to defend Wendy's designs on the runway. I'd love to know...

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    Melissa is now modeling for Bebe on their website!

    She looks pretty, if tired and kind of hatchet-faced. I wish they airbrushed her a little more in these spots. And she looks so much older than 17 that it isn't even funny!

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    More Melissa/Bebe:

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    You can find more Melissa at the Bebe Website: http://www.bebe.com/TheShop/index.js...=1108297880663

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