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Thread: The Models

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    Quote Originally Posted by valo
    i'm sad that Olga's gone....why didn't they have a goodbye interview wiht her?

    Does she speak English? (That's not snipey, I'm just curious.)
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    Lol. She spoke enough English to tell Kevin to put more stones on her bodice. I wonder too why they didn't give her an exit interview. Too much going on, I guess, what with feathers flying between the designers and all.

    On another note, does anyone know how the winning model is selected? Is it the girl picked by the winning designer? If so it seems like Jenny or Julia is a lucky duck. But I don't know how fair that is to the other girl who gets stuck with Wendy.
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    Quote Originally Posted by corprip
    Does she speak English? (That's not snipey, I'm just curious.)

    She does speak English, she's been in America since she was about 15 or 16. She lived in San Francisco....She just has that cute accent. since the show was filmed her English has improved.

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    Well, on the horrible travesty that is Austin's elimination (or more so, the uber-no-talent Wendy's staying) means that it is possible Martinique may be cut next week.

    I hope not, she and Melissa are my favorites. I like Jenny, too I guess but I would have Martinique and Melissa tied for first with Jenny in third, then Julia, don't really like her much. I'm just happy that Erin, Olga and Morgan are not in contention, JMO.

    I'm 99.9 percent sure Jenny will go on with KaraSaun, but Jay or PepperHead may switch allegiances and snap up Martinique. I'm thinking if Jay kept Julia after the debacle of the week before, he's not likely to switch, and Wendy is such a beyotch that she could switch, but I don't want her to give up Melissa.

    I'm also curious as to how the winning model is chosen
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    Martinique is an incredible model. She's slender AND voluptuous (she lacks the ugly boniness of most models). She has the brightest, most engaging smile. And she always looks calm and confident on the runway. The designers would be nuts to pass her up.

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    I think it's possible that Martinique's talent almost backfired in a sense, because at the beginning she was always chosen early by different designers and then never established a relationship with just one. (Wendy is erratic, though. She might leave Melissa. )

    Julia and Jenny are lucky: supposing Robert and Alexandra were top designers, Olga and Erin could just as easily be in their place.

    I sort of like how elements of chance play a role in this. I imagine it's similar in real life.

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    It doesn't really matter if either Melissa or Martinique are chosen by Wendy... it's not as though WENDY could ever win the contest and showcase them in her clothes in an Elle Spread (I'm gagging at the very thought.) And I can't see the very-loyal Kara Saun and Jay leaving Jenny/Julia for them.

    Poor Melissa and Martinique! They really ARE both beautiful and talented models... they just had the misfortune to be the favorites of the WORST designer there!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salome
    I sort of like how elements of chance play a role in this. I imagine it's similar in real life.
    It totally is. Calvin Klein did this, for example, with Jessica Miller. He has said that he wants to make her his new Brooke.

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    Martinique is so great - I would love to see her win!

    Jenny and Melissa are also my favourites. Julia has to go - maybe it's just bad luck, but almost every outfit she wore to runway was ugly in my opinion.

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    I miss Morgan!

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