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Thread: 12/1 Discussion thread....spoilers

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    I LOVE Vanessa's! Austin's is also very nice.

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    [QUOTE=applesauce] Daniel's completely lacked any innovation whatsoever other than being a nice design. QUOTE]

    Bravo just ran a repeat of Runway this Saturday afternoon and its interesting watching it because I heard Daniel say that this challenge was (i am parapharasing here) beneath him, that it was simple and that he was an artist, a true designer. I think this was his mistake. First he was arrogant beyond belief (but you do need that in a designer) but that he also thought the project was beneath him and that he didn't have to put the effort into it.

    I think when the second group of six were asked to defend their designs, your vision or inspiration and how you defend/explain it can effect how the judges will vote. Even here I don't think Daniel took this very seriously and that is why he is gone.

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    I'm watching the reruns, and one thing I found funny is that during the judging of the first episode, there were lots of visible moths flying around when the judges were trying to speak.
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