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Thread: Jay - The Wildcard

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    well heres some good skinny on Jay...a reporter friend of mine interviewed Jay for a major newspaper and apparently she said he is like is portrayed on the show. Funny, talented, and humble. He also is apparently is a member of the lead pencil club! he just got his first cell phone!

    Apparently a really great guy!

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    Here's an AWESOME quote from Jay from a recent MSNBC article. He's as funny off camera as he is on!


    "I only did this show to get laid," says Jay McCarroll. Pity. He'll have to settle for being a new darling of the fashion world—and reality television—instead. McCarroll is one of three finalists in Bravo's sleeper cable hit "Project Runway," a show that pits 12 fashion designers against each other in a cutthroat competition to be the next Valentino or Versace. This Wednesday, after 10 weeks of grueling (and gloriously bitchy) episodes, one contestant will walk away with $100,000 to start a clothing line. Who wins almost seems beside the point. The final three showed their collections during New York's Fashion Week this month, and discovered how famous they've already become. "This has just been f---ing surreal," McCarroll says. "I mean, when a girl licks your face and says, 'I want you to be the father of my children,' that's a bit excessive."
    Oh Jay... I'd let you carry my babies anytime!

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    Jay is going to walk away with this thing. He outshines them all, including Kara Saun.

    Jay is the real deal in terms of personality and talent, and he deserves the big win to make up for coming in second so many times.

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    And even if he doesn't, I will follow his work. Jay!

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    Yeah I'm planning on following his work in any event. Everyone who saw his collection at fashion week in the business apparently loves it.

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    Jay is absolutely hilarious and i love love LOVE him!!! He was in my dream about a week ago.... as Jesus. It was odd. I wish he was like... my uncle or brother or something. He's the coolest human being ever!


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    Yay Jay! I was afraid they were going to give this to Kara, but Jay is so much more deserving... he is truly original!
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    Congrats Jay

    Even though I was personally rooting for Kara Sun before the finale, I must admit that Jay was deserving. (Also, if Kruella had won, I was gonna do something real bad.)

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    Quote Originally Posted by colby_d
    He's one of my favorites on the show. He's hilarious and is actually one of the better designers, IMO.
    This was around the first and second shows. I knew I was going to like Jay, and I'm SO happy that he won. I really was hoping he would, but it looked like Kara had it there for a little while.

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    He had the cutest little family life! How fricking ADORABLE were the pictures of him when he was a little kid...AND he was a band geek!

    Congrats Jay, you deserved it!
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