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Thread: Jay - The Wildcard

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    My pleasure, pillbeam.

    Here's an interview from TV Guide:

    Project Runway's Winner Tells All
    by Delaina Dixon

    Jay McCarroll's fashionable array of color-coordinated outfits — complete with matching headphones — helped him defeat Project Runway's designing women last week. Here, the newly-minted couturier shares some behind-the-scenes dish with TVGuide.com, including his take on Wendy Pepper's brazen backstabbing and why he feels his nasty comment about Kara Saun's shoe snafu was taken way out of context.

    TVGuide.com: Unlike the other two finalists, you never won a challenge. Yet you took home first prize. How's that for irony?
    Jay McCarroll: It still hasn't really sunk in. I'm just waiting for that moment where it's like, "What just happened?" I'm trying to keep levelheaded about the whole thing and not get too wrapped up in the celebrity of it.

    TVG: You're just the next big thing in fashion, no big deal.
    Jay: I don't really look it at that way. I just feel like I was on a show, I won and now it's up to me to create my own business out of it.

    TVG: Think you and your fellow Runway dwellers were portrayed accurately?
    Jay: I looked like just a hoot. I think everyone was portrayed correctly, aside from maybe Starr. They made her look a little whinier than she really was. With that [reality TV] stuff, you're going to get in the outcome what you give. If you're giving them bitchy, you're going to look bitchy. If you're funny, that's how you'll come across.

    TVG: What were you giving us?
    Jay: Oh, everything. As you know, I'm good with the one-liners, but that's also editing, I guess.

    TVG: It can take days to cut out a commercial pattern. How the heck did you finish those designs in 12 hours?
    Jay: We shot the show in three weeks, so every challenge was two days, back-to-back. I had no time to think; I was a machine for a month, a total robot. During the future challenge, I had to leave the room because I was losing my mind. I just tried to do my yoga breathing exercises through the whole process because it could get really nutty. It was the most intense experience in my life.

    TVG: When you applied for PR, did you know you'd be sewing like a fiend? Vanessa certainly voiced her unhappiness about that on the reunion show.
    Jay: Sewing was one of the requirements. Since this had never been done before, I had no expectations. Vanessa really came on the show with huge intentions for what was going to happen with her life. Reading the article she gave [to Popgurls.com], it really hurt me. Yeah, I was in the final three and I won this thing, but I don't think I would have been so sour grapes like that. It was just immature, and I was disappointed.

    TVG: What's the deal with Wendy's devilish demeanor?
    Jay: She wouldn't be herself on camera, so they used what she gave them. There would be times, especially during Fashion Week, where there would be just me, her and Kara Saun in the room, and we could easily have a conversation. As soon as the cameras came in, Wendy would get up and resume this whole new persona. We realized that she secretly wanted to be portrayed as that person. She didn't mind being bitchy and strategic. She's actually had an interesting life. She's lived in Tibet, speaks different languages and reads all the time. She's very intelligent and surprisingly witty. But on the show, it was like she ripped a page out of the reality-TV handbook to be a manipulative witch.

    TVG: What about Kara's shoegate? You seemed so happy that "Little Miss Perfect" had finally screwed up.
    Jay: I would love to clear this up in print. Wendy was the one who actually said that — I was mimicking her, and I was the one who got shown. That was a case of bad editing. It's kind of horrible because aside from being on reality TV and being designers, Kara and I have built up a great relationship as people who genuinely get along and want the best for each other. That one line annoyed me. It was a typical instance of me just playing a funny role and making fun of someone else, and it made me look so bad. It kind of hurt my feelings when it happened.

    TVG: Have any celebrity fashionistas contacted you for a Jay McCarroll original?
    Jay: No, nor do I care. Kara is inundated with that stuff right now because that's what they see in her. I don't really care much about glamazons. I make clothes for the masses. I would not be opposed to a Target line, something that's accessible for all. I will have things for $2 to $3000. I'll have from size 0 to size 22. I'm not after Hollywood or perfection.

    TVG: When will your first line be available?
    Jay: I haven't thought that far ahead. Most importantly for me, I want to be a good businessperson. I do not want to be Martha Stewart or Rosie O'Donnell, and I don't want my name to be owned by anyone else but me. I don't want to jump in and, in two years, look back and say I f---ed up. So if I have to put my line on hold... I've never done this before, and I have nothing behind me holding me back. I just want to make sure I'm making all the right choices right from the gate.

    TVG: Where else we can see your work?
    Jay: I have a website, www.JayMcCarroll.com. I'll launch a line, have a show and get things into production. On the entertainment end of it, I might have something up my sleeve right now to create a nice synergy between being a TV personality, a commentator and a fashion designer. You'll probably be sick of me. I'll be selling ketchup by the end of the year!
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    Fashion Forward
    Do You Want Fashion, or Do You Want the Truth?
    An interview with Project Runway winner Jay McCarroll, our favorite candid designer

    by Corina Zappia
    March 7th, 2005 7:22 PM

    A few weeks after his televised win on fashion-designing reality show Project Runway, Jay McCarroll is back in New York to take meetings with the big wigs, in addition to reveling in that $100,000 in prize money and upcoming mentorship with Banana Republic. Apparently the inimitable, head-scarfed 30 year old hasn’t lost a bit of the brazen sarcasm and droll honesty that made him a hit on the show, as he talks with us now about life after Project Runway, his high school reunion, and why Zac Posen gets on his nerves.

    To read the interview, go to:
    The Village Voice
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    More Jay News

    Reality-Fashion Victim!
    Project Runway winner wants to run away.
    Project Runway winner Jay McCarroll may have come a long way from kicking potential rapists out of chat rooms on the porn site he once ran in Pennsylvania, but that doesn’t mean it’s not hard being the foul-mouthed future of fashion. McCarroll claims that fans have ordered at least a thousand of his tote bags off the show’s Website, and “all those come from my hands.” “I’m just a f*&-ing one-man band. I have, like, three or four family members back home helping me. Don’t even mention the bags, because then more people will want them.” Meanwhile, he hasn’t yet been paid, so he’s still staying with a friend in Park Slope. And his contract says he no longer owns the rights to his TV designs. “I feel a bit owned,” he says. Plus he’s being stalked, but “they’re not even, like, hot indie-boy stalkers.” Then there’s the doppelgänger, Jake, who pretends to be him to get into parties. “I met him at the Marc Jacobs after-party. It was awful. I was looking at this person who thinks they look like me and I’m horrified because I do, apparently, look like that.”
    —Jada Yuan
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    Poor Jay is freaking out!

    Designer rants get pretty ugly

    Is fashion designer Jay McCarroll, winner of Bravo's "Project Runway," coming apart at the seams?

    McCarroll, who beat out 11 other designers on Heidi Klum's popular cable television show to win a $100,000 prize, suffered a meltdown at Tuesday night's launch party for cartoonist Robert Crumb's "R. Crumb Handbook" at the Stella McCartney boutique in the Meatpacking District.

    My brave associate Hud Morgan bore the brunt of McCarroll's outburst - but not before the "Project Runway" star exploded at a party guest who mistook him for one of Donald Trump's protégés: "I'm not on the f--ing 'Apprentice!'"

    Whirling on Morgan, McCarroll then launched into an unsolicited rant about rival designer Kai Kuehne, formerly of the trendy fashion label As Four.

    "For God's sakes, the guy had Docksides on tonight! Who the f-- wears Docksides besides people in nursing homes?" McCarroll hissed into Morgan's tape recorder. "He always looks like some kind of maharishi who just came off a carpet. There should be stricter border rules in America! Where do these people come from?"

    Yesterday, Kuehne told Morgan: "Oh no! I don't know what to say about that. I don't think anybody has the right to try to forbid anyone anything - this is the land of the free. How did he win? Is the show really that bad?"

    But the 29-year-old McCarroll, who was sporting a 10-gallon hat, pink sunglasses and giant poncho that hid the wine glass he was holding at crotch level, revealed an even uglier side when Morgan inquired about his headgear.

    McCarroll: "I'm from the country. I live in the f--ing woods. Where are you from?"

    Morgan, whose hometown is Dublin, N.H.: "A town of 1,500, actually."

    McCarroll: "And where do you live now? Where do you live now, a--? ..."

    Morgan: "Is this how reality stars get their 16th minute of fame? By insulting everyone?"

    McCarroll: "Well at least I have a sustainable career ahead of me. You're working for the Daily News. Why do you want to see people fail? What is it about you that wants to see people fail? Why are you mocking me?"

    Morgan: "Um, I think you're pretty much mocking yourself."

    McCarroll: "You're such a [anti-gay epithet] that you can't even see straight."

    Morgan: "So now we're reduced to gay-baiting?"

    McCarroll: "What sort of a name is Hudson? Your parents must have been [repeats anti-gay epithet] to name you that."

    Before McCarroll could say anything more, a panicked publicist finally swooped in - too late! - and hauled him away.

    Yesterday a chastened McCarroll phoned Morgan to apologize. "I had about 900 drinks and I'm really, really sorry for screaming at you like an a--," he said. "I remember calling your parents [a rather colorful anti-gay epithet], but at the end of the day, you're doing your job, and I shouldn't be making personal attacks on you, and I'm sorry."

    I'll bet he is.
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    From another thread...

    Quote Originally Posted by Broadway View Post
    Here's the latest on good ol' Jay...
    Originally Posted by pagesix

    December 13, 2005 -- 'PROJECT Runway" winner Jay McCarroll says he turned his back on the reality show's $100,000 grand prize.

    McCarroll, who beat out 11 other competitors last spring on Bravo's designing reality show, walked away from the dough and the chance to be mentored by Banana Republic designers.

    McCarroll told the Washington Post that he couldn't discuss his reasons for shunning the cash - due to strict contractual stipulations - but didn't deny that he thought there were "too many strings" attached to the grand prize.

    McCarroll will be the focus of a one-hour Bravo documentary, "Project Jay," which will premiere in February, showing his move to New York and his efforts to launch a clothing line. - Post TV Staff
    I am a risk adverse person, but it seems weird to me that he would do this. Jay showed that he was versatile enough to design ready-to-wear (his jeans outfit and a few other pieces in his fashion show, his Banana Republic dress, his wedding dress (with modifications)), which unless you are independently wealthy or your design house has been around for a hundred years, you need to be able to do ready-to-wear to stay in business.

    Perhaps there was another party who was willing to bankroll Jay and it was a conflict of interest with Banana Republic.
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    Quote Originally Posted by aga View Post
    Perhaps there was another party who was willing to bankroll Jay and it was a conflict of interest with Banana Republic.
    I would go with that. Because, on the show.. it showed he was from a "meager" lifestyle and rrealllllly hoping to break into the business. For him to turn down $100K with no other big money opportunities or offers, would be a really bad business decision.

    Unless he's just getting a bigger head than he should. The way he behaved toward Kathy Griffin at her comedy show was rather odd..like he was "too good" to be there. Kinda stuffy and snobby acting. But even so.. if that were even true..I couldn't see him declining the winnings.
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    I just read that there's an air-date for Jay's documentary...it's an hour long, and will be on Wednesday, Feb. 22. (On Bravo, of course)
    Always looking for cat treats!

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    Thanks for that, suncat! Is that before or after the final episode from this season?

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    They were really nice, Salome, Thanks.

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    I just got this e-mail:

    hello. i just wanted to drop a little note to say thank you, thank you,
    thank you to everyone who has signed up for my mailing list, emailed me
    such great words of support and praise, sent me things and stalked me
    on the streets (haha). i adore you! i just wanted to explain a little
    bit about whats been going on in my world. first of all, i am obviously
    still alive. i get emails saying "where are you" at least once a week.
    i am still alive and doing well. i must admit to being a hermit for the
    past few months. winning project runway was extremely exciting, yet
    very confusing to me. i needed some time to sit back and process what
    had just happened to me. i was thrown into the spotlight literally
    overnight. up until that point i had just gone away to fashion summer
    camp and was followed around by a camera crew, not knowing what was
    about to happen. i had no idea what to expect. i was just excited to
    be doing "something" for the summer. then project runway debuted and
    it was a really great program. i watched the show every week biting my
    nails. i didnt get advanced copies of it, so i saw it when everyone
    else saw it. for months i worked on my collection. i lived in that damn
    studio. i didnt do anything other than sew, smoke, eat, do yoga, and
    sleep. all winter. it was great, i must admit. ive never worked that
    hard in all of my life. i have a feeling its only the beginning.
    then february 23rd 2005 happened... the night i won project runway.
    my life has been a surreal experience ever since. so what am i up to
    next, you ask. well, i have "project jay" coming out soon on bravo.
    "project jay" is a one hour doumentary special that chronicles my
    life post-project runway. its like an hour of project runway...but
    just about me. there are some appearances by your favorite project
    runway cast members and some very funny and compelling moments.
    hopefully, most of your unanswered questions will be answered on
    "project jay". (wednesday february 22nd at 10 pm.... in the project
    runwaytime slot.) i had a great time working on this show and i think
    you too will see the passion that went into making it. of course,
    i would love to hear your feedback once its aired. on the fashion
    front, i am currently working on some ideas for my next collection.
    its definitely "me", but a fresher...cleaner me. i am still working
    out the production details so i can deliver you all some really
    great clothes...soon. thats the most important part...isnt it? well,
    stay tuned. my apologies for not keeping you updated in almost a year.
    BAD JAY!!! i will try to do a better job this year. again, my sincere
    thanks to everyone and their support and generosity this past year.
    i so very much appreciate it! all the best to you and yours!!!!
    love, jay


    Ahhh.. I love him.
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