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Thread: 8/12 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Re: 8/12 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by AZChristian;4036180;
    I'm not a fan of Gretchen's behavior. When she called out, "Everyone be sure to clean up your workspace" right before the runway show, I wanted Michael C (or anyone) to slap her. I'm starting to think of her as a self-proclaimed "Tim-ette" . . . she sure seems to think that's who she is!

    It looks like more than one of the designers is ready to point out her personality shortcomings to her. And when they do, I'll probably give them a standing O.
    I like Gretchen and I think she can back up her cockiness with talent, but her comment and her tone about cleaning up was really obnoxious.

    What did you all think of Ivy's gray dress? I thought she could have easily landed in the bottom because the dress made her model look huge!! Very unflattering to a woman's body.

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    Re: 8/12 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I was really surprised Michael C.'s dress design didn't make it into the top 3. I thought it was stunning. Other than that everyone else in the top & bottom 3 deserved their positions and I was happy Andy won. His dress was really nicely done. Say what you will about Gretchen but her design was beautiful as well and I would have been happy with her win also.

    As far as the bottom 3, while I think everyone deserved their spots I think it should have been A.J. and Casanova in the bottom 2 with Casanova going home. His dress was FUG! Poor Sara, her dress wasn't the best but I don't think it deserved an elimination. I guess you gotta keep the "characters" around though.

    What did you all think of Ivy's gray dress? I thought she could have easily landed in the bottom because the dress made her model look huge!! Very unflattering to a woman's body.
    I didn't hate Ivy's dress. You can tell she put alot of work into it and yeah it was kinda big and poofy-ish I thought it was still fairly nice.

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    Re: 8/12 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by raisinthesun;4036233;
    I was really surprised Michael C.'s dress design didn't make it into the top 3. I thought it was stunning.

    I agree . . . his red dress was my favorite of the night.
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    Re: 8/12 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Sarah's dress LOOKED like cardboard sewed to muslin. I hated Casanova's dress, but at least you couldn't necessarily tell it was made with party supplies. That might be part of the reason he was kept around. I don't like his attitude about the challenges. He seems unwilling to get into the spirit of the show and that bugs me.

    Gretchen was riding the Ego Train a little more than I think she should have this early in the competition, but it wasn't totally off the wall. Her remark about cleaning workstations, however, was uncalled for. :nono

    My absolute favorite moment in the entire episode was the Wooly Animal Balls. I have never, ever seen Tim Gunn that hysterical and it cracked me up. He's usually so proper and well-mannered, even though you can tell he has a sense of humor. The fact that he couldn't stop laughing over something so risque just made my night!

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    Re: 8/12 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I thought that Gretchen's top pieces were okay and average. I thought the skirt looked cheap. She should not have been in the top IMO. Her attitude is annoying and if they continue to over indulge her, she is going to really become a monster.

    I also liked the red dress. I disliked Peach's design. I'm really done with her. I think she is out of her league, although, I think she's really nice.

    I didn't find Casanova's dress that bad. I know, I know, I get where they were coming from, but it was made well and had some complexity to it. The losing piece did not, although I did like the girl that left. I think he has talent, but lacks personal skills.

    Did you notice that the winning piece was very similar in construction to a piece from last season's show? I can't recall the designer. I liked it though.

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    Re: 8/12 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Didn't Gretchen advised Sara on her good awlful outfit? Gretchen may be a great designer but I question her styling skills. Those booth didn't go with the outfit.

    Casanova's gown looked like something T-Rex would wear. That back of the gown looked like scales.

    The Coochie Dress AJ made was terrible, but something you would see in a Sears or JCPenney catalog for teen girls.

    Andy and Valerie's design were spot on dead gorgeous. Very well made.

    I think some of these designers have problems with tailoring garments. I saw too many dresses coming down the runway looking too big at the waist. Especially, Ivy, the long red dress and the blue metal looking dress. The models looked plus size in those dresses.

    What happen with them using Bluefly.com or Macy's for accessories? The new Priceline.com or whatever does not have good choices for the designers to use. It just looks cheap.

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    Re: 8/12 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Quote Originally Posted by CrossingGuard;4036081;
    Gretchen got a very negative edit tonight, even though the things she said weren't all that bad. They just came off as a little bit cocky. The comments from everyone else made it look worse.

    Casanova's dress was horrible! I kept repeating to myself, "That's so ugly, that's so ugly," when his model walked on the runway. He deserved to be eliminated, not Sarah.

    I think Valerie was robbed of the win. Andy's dress was okay, but I think he was rewarded more for the difficulty of the execution.
    When someone gets the kind of edit that Gretchen was given, and the majority of the others seem to reinforce that edit it's really difficult to think that maybe there is even more that we aren't seeing that makes her so unbearable. And, petty I know, but someone needs to give that girl a new and improved hairstyle. All of that aside, she is good.

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    Re: 8/12 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Apparently Gretchen thinks she's Tim Gunn, Jr. Not even close.

    I absolutely loved it when Tim lost it over "wooly balls". I laughed right along with him, so much so that I had tears running down my face. I love those golden moments when he just is so human.

    I thought the red dress and the golden napkin dress were also awesome. I would have liked Valerie to win, her dress was amazing. I didn't care for Gretchen's, but I did like the fact that she made separates. I was very happy for Andy's win. His dress was also amazing.

    Casanova will not be here for long, and his dress was awful, but at least it looked like a garment. Sara's looked like plastic crap tacked onto a tablecloth.

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    Re: 8/12 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    I too was surprised the red dress wasn't in the top 3. I thought it was stunning and had the potential to win. I really liked the black and white napkin dress better than Gretchen's dress. I would have had it at 2nd place rather than 3rd. Actually Gretchen's outfit I wouldn't have had in the top 3 at all.

    I thought the bottom should have been Andy's mess moreso than Sara's but her dress really was awful. I think the thing that saved Andy was Betsy Johnson, she seemed really drawn to it. Can't wait for Casanova to go. His ego is much bigger than his talent.

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    Re: 8/12 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

    Gretchen seems to treat people like they are little kids. She IS irritating. OK as a designer, but I don't know if she is as good as needed to be that cocky. And I HATED the skirt. Top and jacket were great. Boots did NOT go with the outfit. Eh. Loved the winning dress. I was surprised the red dress was not in the top as well. And Casanova was lucky Sara listened to Gretchen and just went with the one color and kind of gave up. I think if she would have gone with the "tropicana" or even scrapped the design and went with something else, she would have been safe. Darn it, she was the only one that could have saved Casanova. PLEASE let him go next week. I don't think the reason the two women helped Andy was that they were jealous of Gretchen (as I think someone said). I think they were finished and wanted to help and admired what he was trying to do.

    And omg, was Tim and the "wooly balls" funny??? That made the episode for me.

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