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Thread: Predictions for Project Runway 13

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    Predictions for Project Runway 13

    * This isn't a thread for Spoilers, just for speculation. *

    Based on what you've seen on the show, who do you think are the top designers? Who's going to make it to Fashion Week?

    On the flip side, who are the bottom designers? Who will be out in the next few weeks?

    Any other predictions? Is somebody going to slink away in the night or explode in the workroom?

    Do you think Tim Gunn will use his save and which designer will most likely get it?


    It seems like the judges are pushing Amanda and Sandhya so one or both of them will probably make it to Fashion Week, although personally my picks for top designers would be Char, Emily, and Kini. I mostly like their designs and they seem to stay calm and focused under pressure.

    My picks for being in imminent danger of going home are Mitchell, Sean, and Alexander.

    If anyone is going to slink away in the night, I think it will be Sandhya and the designer most likely to freak out in the workroom would be Mitchell. However, so far these contestants don't seem as highly strung as ones on previous seasons (with the exception of Angela, who is already gone) so I don't think we're likely to see either event happen.

    I'm hoping that if Char or Emily ends up in the bottom, Tim will use his save to keep one of them from going home. There's no telling, though, if he will need to use it.
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