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Thread: Ken - S12

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    Re: Ken - S12

    His behaviour towards the production staff was unacceptable, and he should have been auff'd immediately IMO. The fact that it was a super-fan show and his client would have been denied an outfit and the experience is the only thing that stopped them from getting rid of him right away. It was just ridiculous.
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    Re: Ken - S12

    I also felt he should have gone. I just read his twitter page and was not surprised. He does seem to have some pretty big mental issues.

    I have always felt that when the girls on ANTM get ugly past a certain point they should be disqualified. It's just the weirdest thing. I've seen girls on that show who are total b*tches to the other girls or are big-mouthed bullies who act like hoodlums get praise from Tyra and other judges for having great "personalities". Often they are kept around far too long and I assume it's for the drama. I just wonder do any of TPTB ever watch videos of the contestants, and if they can why wouldn't they? On Australia's version of the show, there was a group of girls one cycle who bullied another girl horribly. During an elimination they were called out for the bullying, but I always wondered why they were not sent home immediately. I know it would probably be far too problematic to send home everybody involved; maybe they could have just sent home the one or ones who were the very worst and initiated it. But at least it was observed and brought up. I don't think people who behave the way Ken did or some of the ANTM girls do should be allowed to continue to advance in competitions like these.

    But I guess that's entertainment, huh?
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