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Thread: That Project Runway 10 designer reminds me of…

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    That Project Runway 10 designer reminds me of…

    Do any of this season’s designers look like a celebrity or a past Project Runway designer?

    Here are my observations:

    Alicia looks like:

    Crystal Bowersox from American Idol 9

    Kelly Coffield from In Living

    Beatrice looks like:

    Denise Richards

    Christopher looks like:

    Jeff Branson from All My Children (“Jonathan Lavery”)

    Dmitry looks like:

    Alan Rickman (Harry Potter villain “Severus Snape”)

    Lantie looks like:

    Melissa Rivers

    Carly Simon

    Melissa looks like:

    Faith Hill

    The lady from the Orbit gum commercial

    Raul looks like:

    Michael Costello (Project Runway 8)

    Ven looks like:

    Mr. Clean

    Harold Sakata (Bond villain “Odd Job”)
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    Re: That Project Runway 10 designer reminds me of…

    I am not a good copy/paste type of person but I was watching this past week's show last night. I finally got who Koon reminds me of...remember 16 Candles...he reminds me of Long Doung. The hair is different but the way he speaks...not the japanese accent...just the way they both spoke. 16 and being the only person who gets their inside joke only told with a Japanese accent. He is actually starting to gow on me.
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    Re: That Project Runway 10 designer reminds me of…

    I think Raul looks like Squiggy from Laverne and Shirley.

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