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I'm from Texas, and so I can safely say that Diego's headpiece looked like a butterfly had landed on cow poo. His other pieces, though, were lovely so I agree that he should have been kept over Bryan.
I'm from Texas too, and I didn't get the cow poo bit because it'd had to be flatter than that. It did however look like a durned shoe flower took roost on the girl's hair. It needed to be white with maybe a hint of blue or black, not solid black to accentuate the butterfly. That I think is where he went wrong on the headpiece. His butterfly earrings and bracelet though would've been sold out pretty quickly though.

BTW, I did realize something on the jeweled bug broach Rich made (BTW I hated the ring but only the ring on his project). Back during Cycle 4 of ANTM, the models had to do a runway with bejeweled I think hissing cockroaches on their person. These were also LIVE bugs, but they were beautifully designed.

Then again - insects aren't a bad idea for a jewelry challenge, given that scarab bodies have been made into jewelry for many centuries.