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Thread: Episode 3 Portfolio

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    Austin- I don't care what the judges say, I love this dress, and I think it fits the "grandmother's attic" theme nicely. However, I can see how it may not be suited for mass production.
    Kara- I think the dress is really gorgeous. I even love the color (yellow looks like crap on me but it looks great on the model). The only problem I can see is the ruffles. Women with bigger hips would probably not be apt to buy a dress like that.
    Vanessa- The dress is gorgeous for the runway, but for real life, probably not. Can you imagine showing up to an office Christmas party in a neckline that low and a slit that high?
    Nora- This isn't really my cup of tea (I don't like that gathering or the bow), but I can see BR selling it.
    Alexandra- I personally really like this dress and would wear it myself. But, I can see why BR would not carry it. If you're not tall and skinny, that dress could look mega scary.
    Jay- Very beautiful and original. I can see BR carrying this. But, I would have lost the stupid flower and the hem.
    Kevin- It's kind of blah, and I don't really like the hat.
    Wendy- She deserved to win. Her creation is simple, realistic, and definitely suits the BR look.
    Robert- It's really not so bad. I like the mixture of leopard and blue silk, and I even like the straps. I think it's the blue ribbon that's making it not work for me.
    Starr- Very amateur. It looks like something I used to dress my Barbie's in. Too bad because the model looks great.

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    My favorites were Austin's and Kevin's, especially Austin's dress. It was absolutely gorgeous ; I would love to wear a dress like that!

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    Yeah, when I went back and re-watched the show again, I caught the pink and yellow, sexy secretary, grandma's closet theme, as opposed to the "art deco" theme. Given how old (or should I say young) Austin is, his grandmother might well have a 50s garden party dress like that in her closet.

    I don't think the judges took issue so much with the fact that the dress *looked* "complicated" or "fancy" or "fru fru", although I think a bustle is clearly inappropriate for the average woman who is not looking to accentuate that part of her body. It was that its *construction* was that "complicated" or "fancy", thereby significantly increasing the costs of manufacturing the dress, and thereby the expense to the ultimate consumer. When I looked at Banana Republic's dresses, there wasn't a dress over $170 in the bunch that I saw, and I really doubt you could manufacture Austin's dress anywhere near that price range, so it would be prohibitively expensive from Banana Republic's "price point" point of view, no matter how much all of us love it.

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    Alexandra and Starr seam to have some potential imo

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    I rudely exited a dinner party to watch this show, and it was worth it! It's nice to see many of my favorite Top Model people, now that we've been "evicted." (I mean forced to move on, as we should. )

    Austin - Eh, I don't care for it. Sure, it's pretty. Sure, I liked slit showing the underskirt from the back, but way too literally "grandma's closet." I don't think it's modern enough, and this is coming from a person who tends toward anything whimsical and vintage.
    Kara - Okay, but those ruffles on the skirt...
    Vanessa - I personally think it's sexy but maybe shows a little too much skin with both the top and bottom cut to be erogenous. A "f*** me" dress in a sweet blue.
    Nora - I like Nora and her pleats. I like the Art Deco dropped waistline, but I guess the dress is a little awkward. The bow feels incongruous.
    Alexandra - Shapeless, but pretty.
    Jay - I agree with SnowflakeGirl. It's my favorite! I love the detailing on the bodice, the inspiration, and the flattering cut. The fabric flower is a little too Sex and the City for me, but I would buy the dress and hack it off myself.
    Kevin - I don't know about the dress, but Olga rocks.
    Wendy - Cute, though too simplistic. Like something anyone could make from a pattern.
    Robert - Disaster!
    Starr - Milay, I understand where you're coming from, but I also understand where the judges' "jester" comments were coming from. I have mixed impressions about this piece. Then, I remind myself of the tumor dress... *shudder*

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    Austin: Love the design, hate the pattern... Scarlett O'Hara?
    Kara: Perfect, I think, especially the colour on the model... love the gloves!
    Vanessa: My favourite this week!
    Nora: Too Junior High Graduation...
    Alexandra: Its pretty, but needs to be tighter around the waist. It kind of looks like Vanessa-lite
    Jay: Nice... lose the flower though
    Kevin: It looks great in the photograph
    Wendy: Very classy... she didn't make the cape properly and it shows.
    Robert: Should have gone with one fabric instead of the blue and then the leopard - make that should have gone with just blue and ditched the leopard altogether. The fur is a nice idea, but its so skimpy and looks cheap. I like the blue ribbon.
    Starr: Oh, my. Thats just plain fugly.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Salome
    I rudely exited a dinner party to watch this show, and it was worth it! It's nice to see many of my favorite Top Model people, now that we've been "evicted." (I mean forced to move on, as we should. )

    I know Salome, I feel sort of misplaced as well.

    I love this show though, it will help me through this tough ANTMless time .
    Of all the designs, Jay's was my favorite. I understand why he didn't win though, could you imagine trying to reproduce that bodice for mass market?
    Here comes Avery! April 10, 2006

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    Quote Originally Posted by sher
    i was kind of surprised at how the judges really disliked austin's design. i thought it was lovely. he ended up being in the bottom 3 though which shoooooocks me!

    BUT I also have to say that it was nice to see him knocked down a peg or two. I think it will keep him on his game.
    I would have bought his dress and Jay's dress in a heartbeat. I absolutely loathed the cape Wendy designed, but then, I realize that I hate capes.
    "It is always the best policy to speak the truth, unless, of course, you are an exceptionally good liar."
    -Jerome K. Jerome

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    Just want to let you know that Wendy's dress was available for about $200 at Banana Republic's site. Austin's original is now going for about $310+ on Bravo's auction. It is the highest bidded dress right now!

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    Where do I find this auction?

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