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Thread: 7/17 Show Discussion**SPOILERS**

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    7/17 Show Discussion**SPOILERS**

    Please keep all discussions of tonight's show in this thread only until 12:00 midnight Eastern.

    Thanks and enjoy the show.

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    Heh, so apparently, no one is watching! Probably because this show sucks.
    Just one question, why doesn't he make them keep books. Pay Spencer a monthly budget to keep the books of every endeavor, so they can see how hard it is to make a profit. Of course this gives him license to point out the expenses they are incurring, like the gardening for the lawn they tore up, or the furniture rental, or fire insurance bribes, or MPAA fines, which all should eat up any money they took in and cost them more than their "rent".
    Unfortunately a modest income of $100,000 wouldn't be of use to them, so what choice do they have but to try and make a million on every project.
    Why am I writing so much about this? Ugh get me away from this show!

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