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Thread: How long have Dave and Linda been married?

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    I agree Fluff---is this guy an idiot, why no pre-nup!?!!?

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    Why won't anyone think about the Children?

    I feel bad for Dave. I like the guy. And, if all of the above is true, man, did he get played! That's just uncalled for.

    Linda, I hope your sons keep leeching off of you like they did to Dave...and all your "stolen" fortune gets blown in less than a year.
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    Actually, I think Dave may be the victim of California law. My understanding is that in California, the court has no choice in a divorce. The community property goes half to each spouse and each spouse receives their separate property. Basically anything either spouse earns during marriage or anything traceable thereto is community property. I sometimes represent parties in negotiating prenuptial agreements and depending on the couple it is no fun. One of the things that is fascinating to me is some of the people who choose not to do a prenup. Bill Gates, whose father is a local attorney, refused to do one before he got married.

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    I'm just really glad that Dave is out of that crap. All of the silicone and bleach in the world is not worth that. He was being used.

    Willingly, of course. Men can be such guppies.
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