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Thread: 7/10 Show Discussion**SPOILERS**

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    Your feed was a bit ahead of mine Unk. I guess you're a man ahead of his time.

    Sunday nights are a bit slow, so I'll watch again next week. But only if nothing conflicts with it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Unklescott
    The day a bunch of snot nosed little brats turned a hose on me at my own home and then threw stuff at me is the day I would be going up for murder 1.
    For most of history, Anonymous was a woman.
    - Virginia Woolf

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    Quote Originally Posted by Qboots
    Your feed was a bit ahead of mine Unk. I guess you're a man ahead of his time. .
    I'm floored! After all the shows where you always way ahead of us?

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    I liked this one, although I think mom needs to be whacked upside the head every time she enables/makes excuses for them. Wonder what Bruce thinks of his sons???

    I liked how Foster claimed them as his sons even when he wanted to toss them in the pool.

    I'm ready to tune in next week.
    "Being famous does not make you a hero." Zeus in Hercules

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    While it wasn't the most entertaining show, it kept me watching. (especially when the girls were gettin David wet!)

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    The boys seem to cost Dad more money than they are making...

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    This show is more depressing than Growing Up Gotti. I expect the Gotti boys to act like cretins, because their family are the scum of the earth -- lower than scum even!

    But the "princes" of this series are the progeny of one of the world's greatest athletes. Seeing that a person can achieve greatness and still produce children that are on par with those idiot Gotti boys makes me want to do an Oedipus on myself -- I want to gauge out my eyes for watching this crap.

    What really makes me sick is that I could easily see these useless parasites becoming major stars because they're good looking. The last thing we need right now is a male version of the Hilton sisters.

    If Brody didn't have the Jenner name and a fortune behind him, he'd be selling his ass at RandyBlue.com for $400 per photo shoot.

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    I wonder why the boy's father wasn't seen or mentioned. Except for that stupid remark one of the 'boys' made about selling his sperm and calling it olympic gold, their father isn't in the picture. Maybe he wisely refused.
    The mother makes all these excuses, and even whips off her clothes to reveal a bikini, so she can show her body is as good as the girls washing the cars!
    Over all, the show has the same scripted feel as The Simple Life. You can see nothing is happening before its been set up first.

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    What a disappointing show.
    I had very low expectations and it still failed to meet them.

    The mother is infuriating, she completely undermines Foster who is at least trying to instill some vlaues and a work ethic in the kids.
    I can't stand parents who try to be their kid's best friend.
    I agree that this show is worse than Growing Up Gotti. at least those Gotti kids have the excuse of youth, the Jenner's don't even have that.

    The four of them were on The View on Friday and Foster seemed overly proud that the guys and their leachy frined Spencer came up with the concept of the show themselves.
    Not particularly impressive when you consider the entire idea is just designed to allow them to make money by doing nothing.

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    The stepsons are the producers?!?

    What a second here... The stepsons are the producers of the show (as shown in the opening credits) and they just happened to start filming on the same day that the stepdad said was his last straw?!? That makes the entire show feel fake and scripted. I guess watching the show will just make those spoiled kids richer and more spoiled. There are just way too many decent reality shows to watch crap like this.

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