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Thread: Linda Thompson - The Mother

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    Is it just me? Or is this woman famous only because she hangs out with famous people? Isn't she what we would term "Fame Whore"???

    That said, at least she is into charitable causes, and puts a lot into that. That I can respect.
    "You don't own a TV?!? What's all your furniture pointed at?" Joey Tribianni

    It's not who you are underneath, but what you do that defines you.

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    Greg P
    Scary - plastic looking, one color cheap blonde.. yes you can love your kids but she seems to be a leech and therefore it seems OK for her to have her sons continue in her path.

    Sad really when you have been given so much you ought to be aware and selflesss but it hardly works that way, eh?

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    after watching the first episode. what a joke. she has to grow up before her son can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by -H-
    after watching the first episode. what a joke. she has to grow up before her son can.
    I agree.

    She is the epitome of what is wrong with celebrities. I think because she grew up in a relatively well off home and has since lived even more luxoriously, she never had to grow up.

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    Greg P

    Linda is not to be beileived.

    The show is so staged and NON reality. How could David not have heard the racket outside while 40 cars anad a movie theatre was set up. The children seeem ungrateful and so expecting.

    "Mommy" who looked like a blonde Cher - so plasticized nd whacky lipped in front of the fire, is a cartoon character. She seems to play an "us against daddy " game. Her "little ones" get all the prtoection from Daddy that she can give.

    She is a despicable leech and has raised two more of her own kind. I cannot watch that show any longer she is as bad ans the boys and their truly sleezy blonde friend.

    I once thought of David as an intelligent man. I have no respect for him in his choice of ONCE "beauty" bride and his complete lack of self respect for letting this show happen to him. The rats rule the ship. AND Might I add CASA CASBLANCA is a vulgar display of wealth. They used the house as a drug lord's house in "To Live and Die in LA" ... wealth and class have no correlation.

    Despicable - I cannot watch this possee' any longer.

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