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Thread: David Foster - The Stepdad

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    David Foster - The Stepdad

    Producer/songwriter with 14 Grammy wins and a record 43 nominations.
    He has also won seven Juno awards, an Emmy and has received three Oscar nominations.

    During his 30 year career he's worked with many notables including Celine Dion, Madonna, Whitney Houston, Natalie Cole and The Coors.

    He entered the music business in 1973 and soon established himself as a premiere keyboard player and a highly sought after session musician, performing alongside John Lennon, George Harrison, Diana Ross and Neil Diamond, among others.

    He turned to writing and producing in the late 70's and scored a massive hit with Earth Wind and Fire's "After the Love Has Gone".
    During the 80's he wrote and produced many No.1 singles and also worked on the Footloose and Ghostbuster's soundtracks.

    His banner year came in 1993 when he was crowned Billboards Top Singles Producer and Top R&B Producer, received seven Grammy nominations taking how the award for Best Producer for his work on the sdoundtrack to The Bodyguard.

    A commited child advocate, he founded The David Foster Foundation in 1986 which has sinced raised millions of dollars to assist the families of children in need of organ transplants.

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    Ah...I've heard rumblings about this show. David Foster has always had a reputation as a good Canuck. I hope he doesn't ruin it.

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    He looks like Dave Mordal of "Last Comic Standing" fame to me. If he's as funny as Mordal, this show will be pretty fun to recap.
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    I swear, the stepdad is cuter than the "princes", and he's talented.
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    I know he's very talented, but he looks so schlumpy to me. Is that the current 'look,' or could it be he didn't know his picture was going to be taken?
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    Quote Originally Posted by roseskid
    I know he's very talented, but he looks so schlumpy to me. Is that the current 'look,' or could it be he didn't know his picture was going to be taken?
    He looks very lazy and dead in that pic, and he's supposed to chase his "princes" out?

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    You know what that look is? It's the uber Malibu look. This couple is totally Malibu. She's dressed just like her type picking up a few quick groceries at Ralph's after lunch at Granita. He's dressed like the typical guy in the Ferrari who passes me on Pacific Coast Highway with a cell phone in one hand and a Starbucks double espresso in the other.

    Normal people live in Malibu too. But, I see this kind of animal at the shopping center all the time.

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    Didn't he also do the show Popstars where the group Eden's Crush was formed?

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    ^ Yes, that was him.

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    yeah, he talented and all. but, come on..lose the chick and get rid of the sons. he is so whipped by his wife. he willing to be dissed by the sons and their friends. how embarrassing. i am losing respect for him already.

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