The last ep of PIS aired here late last Wed night and I just wanted to add my two cents worth to the amusing comments here.

Great show, great guys - gay or straight - who cares?
Bill and Luciano in particular - whoa! - certainly made this particular straight woman sit up and take notice!

I have to add that Banks was the standout for me from the beginning and selective editing or not, he just seemed to be truly honest and sincere amid all the deception in addition to being one of the few genuinely concerned about Jackie's emotional wellbeing throughout the process.

The hopeless romantic in me ( yeah, so sue me ) was happy to see Jackie follow her heart and choose this great guy and one can only hope they are still making it work together now some two years after filming.

I also have to add our local version of PIS last year ended with our gal picking a straight guy as well so it appears the gaydar was working in our neck of the woods too!