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Thread: FOX Outs "Playing It Straight" Results

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    FOX Outs "Playing It Straight" Results

    For months now, at least a dozen fans have wanted the truth about FOX's truncated reality show "Playing it Straight." Finally, FOX has determined that those faithful viewers can handle the truth. Although the show's lost episodes will never been seen by human eyes, the network has unveiled the long hidden results.

    Taped last summer and aired for all of three episodes this spring, "Playing it Straight" pitted attractive student Jackie and her finely honed gaydar against a pool of dating show contestants. Some of the burly boys were just straight men looking for love in front of a small national television audience, but some were gay men trying to trick Jackie and win her affections.

    As you may recall, if Jackie selected a straight mate, they'd split a million dollar prize. If she went with one of the hidden homosexuals, that man would pocket the million for himself.

    An average of 3.94 million viewers watched the first three episodes as Jackie eliminated three straight guys (Gust, Louis and Ryan) and two gay guys (Alex and Chad). Then, due to general apathy, the show went off the air. Back in mid-May, FOX Entertainment President Gail Berman announced that the results would soon be available online. In early June, she repeated that promise.

    Last week at the semiannual Television Critics Association press tour, Berman reiterated that vow and told reporters that plans to possibly stream the remaining episodes online were finally junked.

    Complete episode synopses have finally been posted on FOX's website.

    For those who care about the results, but don't care enough to wander over to another website, here's how things went down:

    Jackie made it to the final episode with only Banks, Chris and Sharif remaining. She went out on thrilling Western-themed dates with each of the men, but came to the conclusion that she actually had feelings only for Banks and he was her pick. To the probable jubilation of host Daphne Brogdon, Jackie's choice was, indeed, a straight guy and the couple pocketed $500,000.

    In addition to their cash reward, if FOX publicity is to be believed (and why wouldn't it?), Jackie and Banks found true love and are still together long after filming.

    Here's the final sexual orientation breakdown for the remaining contestants. As you can see, Jackie's gaydar became more successful as the show progressed:


    Alex -- Law student, Washington, DC
    Bill -- Event promoter, Valley Glen, CA
    Bradley -- Bartender, Pflugerville, PA
    Chad -- Corporate communications, Austin, TX
    Chris -- Retired entrepreneur, Atlanta, GA
    Eddie -- School teacher, Miami, FL
    John -- Bartender, Atlanta, GA
    Lee -- Financial consultant, N. Huntington, PA
    Luciano -- Personal trainer, Miami Beach, FL


    Banks -- Software consultant, San Diego, CA
    Gust -- Real estate agent, Chicago, IL
    Louis -- Manager, brokerage firm, Fort Worth, TX
    Ryan -- Waiter, Santa Monica, CA
    Sharif -- Musician, Arlington, VA

    Will we ever discover what happened to those raunchy castaways of "Forever Eden," or have they been abandoned forever in the jungle?

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    Pennsylvania ...Is it Spring yet?
    I would guess so that they can reveal the results...they should have included the videos too
    Never kick a fresh turd on a hot day---Harry S. Truman

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    I predicted that she'd pick a gay guy so the results were interesting to see.

    Also, about Forever Eden - it's airing in Australia right now. You can read the summaries of the episodes that never aired here on a few of the reality sites although I can't remember which as of right now.

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