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Thread: This Is How "Playing It" Ends

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    And the WINNER is..

    the final episode of playing it straight just aired... i bet that you want to know who won? well.. Chris was gay, Banks was Straight, and Sharif was straight... did she choose a straight guy? YES SHE DID!

    She first said goodbye to Chris (clever move... but unecspected..) and then she told Banks that she had choosen him, but she was not allowd to ask him if he was straigt or gay, they had to wait until she had spoken to Sharif... and then Sharif turned up, and she said that she felt that Music was his real passion, not her.. and he started to cry(she had been crying all the time..) and he said he was straight.. and just left crying.. then she went back to the place where they first meet and then after some things back and forth, he told her that he was STRAIGT!! and they just kissed and hugged, and it was so good to watch.. to finish it all up they got a check each for half a million!

    Well. hope you are happy, cause i am!


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    Although I liked Banks, I was really hoping Sharif would win!

    Are those of you in Norway familiar with Sharif's music? I live in Sharif's hometown in Virginia and hear his band play live sometimes. His new album (Surrogate Lovers) has a song he wrote for Jackie. It's called "Simple Ways" and it is so sweet.

    Rumor has it that "Sixty Seconds" (another song on the album) is also about Jackie. That one is sad because it is about her breaking his heart.

    For more on Sharif's music or to buy his CD (he does have international shipping) visit:



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    Some more info for those interested

    Hi guys.
    I am a girl from Norway who just watched the final episode of "playing it straight" Had taped it because I was on vacation on Monday when they aired it.

    Just some info;

    Here they aired 8 episodes. Each of them an hour long, except for the finale - it was a very very dramatic 2 hour episode where Jackie had over night dates with all three remaining guys before the elimination.

    It really seemed to me that she had the most connection with Sharif so I am pretty sure the only reason she didn't pick him was because almost all the other guys (those she had rejected) said on their video messages to her (that she got to see before the elimination) that Sharif was certainly gay and Banks was straight.

    She said that only reason for picking Banks was that she thought he was straight.

    Jackie cried so much the last hour of the show. I've seen a lot of reality shows and this has to be, by far, the one with the most tears!!

    So, hurray for Jackie!! It would have been horrible if she'd lost!

    I am still kind of shocked that the show got cancelled in the US/Canada. I wonder why. I guess Norwegians are much more openminded about gays. After all - we've had gay marriages here since 1993.

    I think it's had really good ratings here, even though it's been airing in the summertime.

    [mod removed]

    I didn't want to know what happened, so that's why I didn't go online before tonight...and just found out it was cancelled in the US. If not - I would have taped the rest of the show as well....

    oh well...long post.

    Take care guys!!!
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    I'm a bit late in posting this, since I've been away for awhile, but just wanted to welcome all the overseas newbies who showed up in this forum.

    And also many thanks to everyone who gave synopses of the episodes that FOX decided not to show us. You guys rock!

    And Congratulations Banks!!!

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    Does anyone know if they continued to date after the show concluded?
    Perfection is just fine by me!

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