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Thread: This Is How "Playing It" Ends

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    what the!!! they could have at least showed little videos
    there are videos but not episode guideline one. There is one where they get naked and take a shower in episode two. There is this guy who always sings while they do whatever.
    And it seems Bradley kisses another guy. Or just two guys kiss
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    Thanks furyr and welcome to the FORT.

    Thanks AI for posting the link. I still can't believe the final result.

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    Thanks furyr for the update.

    I hate FOX for not letting us see the episodes!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Elle
    I still can't believe the final result.
    Me neither! Poor Sharif

    I hope he goes far in his music career. I live in the Virginia Beach, Virginia area and Sharif seems to have a pretty good following around here.

    Have y'all listened to his new CD? It's pretty solid. Here's a link to a review from Indie-Music.com:


    And for more info on Sharif or to buy his CD, go to


    And Sharif, if you are reading this, there are plenty of ladies waiting in line...

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChgoBurbs
    Welcome back Marianne ... Hope you had a great time in Sweden. Just curious, how did you find out about this group and especially that the show was pulled in the US before it competed?
    I must admit I was curious to find out how the show ended, and went on the Internet to find out more. And that's when I stumbled across this website and realised she show actually had been cancelled in the U.S.

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    anyone encoding?

    Are any of our friends in Norway encoding? I have the episodes they showed in the US, but would love to actually see the last 3 episodes although we all know the outcome now. Thanks to Marianne and everyone over there that gave us updates. It was greatly appreciated.

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    I hate my girlfriend for making me watch this program, and I CAN`T understand why it was taking of air in Usa :rolleyes
    Todays program was
    As Marianne said, so were Chris and Sharif on a Transvestite bar, and Sharif was very obscene and drunk.He hated the transvestites and was giving the BIRD to one of the \girls .Chris on the other hand was relaxed and got a couple of kisses on the forehead.
    Banks and Jackie was on a romantic date, but it was not going so well for por Banks...AND HE DIDNT EVEN KISS HER
    Jackie is probably falling for Sharif, because he is very romantic and keep telling her that he is falling for her ( BUT-in front of the tv people, he says that he has no feeling for her (Idiot)
    At the end there is a lady that says that of the three men, there are one or more that is straight and one or more that is gay.
    And no one was voted out today
    I cant wait a week to see the next show,,,,,its so thrilling

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    In my opinion, there are 3 ways that US viewers can still see the remaining 3 unaired episodes, even though Fox has already revealed the results.

    (1) The series is rerun on Fox's planned Reality Channel, which is to launch sometime in early 2005. New series and reruns of older reality series are expected to make up the programming.

    (2) The series is rerun by Viacom's planned gay-themed network, Logo, which is to launch sometime in 2005.

    (3) Producers will release the series on DVD format. Fox wouldn't have much say in the release unless it or a Fox-affiliated company was a producer. However, I don't recall who the producer(s) where. For instance, WB is not the network that decides when or how often "Dawson's Creek" is released on DVD, because it was produced by Columbia Tri-Star TV; ditto for "Roswell", which was produced by 20th Century Fox TV. Unless Fox or an affiliated company was listed as a producer, "PIS" could very well turn up on DVD sometime.

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    i hope it comes on DVD

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    Finally the truth is here! Wanna know?

    The final episode just aired here in Norway.
    It was soooo exciting!

    So here's how it ends:
    Jackie calls up Chris and tells him she's not picking him...
    he admits that he's GAY!

    Jackie calls up Banks and tells him she's picking him and they send him off to wait.....

    Jackie calls up Sharif and tells him she's not picking him, and he's heartbroken.. ....
    and then tells her he's straight!!

    She goes out to Banks and waits for the truth... and it's sooooo exciting!!!
    Then he tells her he's straight!!
    And finally there's a happy ending

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