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Thread: Show cancellation and re-airing info

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    Quote Originally Posted by charlie9
    I am also wondering if they are going to take this opportunity to do some re-editing.
    I hope so! The editing on the show was really poor, imo.

    It was cute at first to see the guys talk about their competitors ("He's straight" "He's definitely gay" etc.) but they overdid it and it got old by the 3rd episode. And Jackie's unending confessionals along the lines of "I don't know who's what; I'm going to have to figure it out" have been particularly annoying. It seemed like half of her airtime on the last episode consisted of her making similar statements over & over again.

    We get the premise of the show already. Show us more of the interactions between the participants!

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    You're right, they could probably do a better job w/ the editing. I think they just put it in there because after each event it's usually standard for to show confessionals, for the audience to "get into the minds of the participants"... only Jackie's mind is totally preoccupied with the same thing.

    Plus they could edit in the shower scene

    ETA: when I say event, I mean things like a dinner. In the dating show world they count as an "event"

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    Speaking of the editing, they could splice IN a bit more of Daphne, the hostess, couldn't they? Isn't it sad that, after several episodes have already aired, the only time we see Daphne is to announce the elimination ceremony, and even then they need to add a chiron with her name so that we know who she is!! They don't do this in other shows, do they? Daphne was hired because she is quick-witted and fast on her feet. Let's take advantage of her strengths.
    Also, for the straight guys who tune into the show, sometimes we need to see another gal on the screen besides Jackie from time to time. I'd like to hear Daphne's private confessionals about what she thinks of the different characters. It would be hilarious.

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    man i have decided to give this show a chance. I watched it from the beginning and got stuck into it. I hope they will give us answers soon to as whether we get to watch it.
    the longer the wait the more the suspense

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    Dang! Did someone say it will still be shown in Canada on Friday nights, I can't find the listing!

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    I just checked the program grid at
    Last night it was still showing PIS at 8:00 tonight on Global, but now it's showing Outrageous Behavior/Simpsons.

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    Bummer. I just checked mine too. They've changed it to an episode of Doc.
    They can't tease us like that it's not fair!!!!!

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    Man...that sucks, I was so into this show. I hope it's for tonight only or i'm going to miss it.

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    I wrote fox and complained. YOU should too!

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    Because of the strain of keeping the secret, Chip & Reichen, the winners, ended up separating.
    Oh wow, that sucks.

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