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Thread: Playing It Straight: The FORT Interview With Ryan

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gizmo82
    I dunno.. I didn't like him on the show, and I think he comes across as just as much of an idiot in this interview... The whole farting thing was completely stupid, my 16 year old brother and his friends are old enough to know how idiotic that is, so why is it that a grown man thinks that was such a "beatiful" thing? And I've never read so many "I was like" and "You know"'s in a single interview.. Glad to hear he isn't homophobic, although I never really got the impression that he was, just immature (screaming "Eddie's gay! Eddie's gay! at the top of his lungs?.. give me a break) He seems to really love himself also.. all that about managers and agents asking him to dinner, and it turning out to be a gay guy trying to get a date... oh come on! lol I believe it might have happened once, but it's not like he sends off some scent that gets us gay men running to him and trying to decieve him into a date.... whatever (he's not even that cute!)
    I have to agree with you Giz. I didn't like Ryan at all!

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    What happened to Gusts interview?

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