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Thread: Final 6

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    Final 6

    They are pretty bad at giving away the story ahead of time. The opening trailer tells us who last and how long.

    I knew at the elimination in Ep. 3 that Bradley wasn't going, because he is seen in the clips of the arm wrestle.

    But the big giveaway is the final 6. Jackie is seen at a picnic with a telescope, food and 6 men: Luciano, Brad, Bill, Shariff, Chris, and Banks.

    So that means that Lee and John are eliminated in Ep. 4 after the Vegas trip.

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    Good eye. I didn't pick up on that.

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    You really should have put ***spoiler***
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    Just a question
    If she has a telescope could she be spying on Lee and John?

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    Now that we are down to the final six (Banks, Bradley, Bill, Chris, Luciano, and Sharif)...it appears there may well only be two straight men left (Sharif and Banks (?)), but who knows, I was totally wrong about John...

    Just an observation, though....has anyone noticed that in previous episodes Jackie comes VERY close to almost picking off a gay man only to come up short? The final two standing in Ep 1 were John and Louis, and she kept John. In Ep 2 the last men standing were Eddie and Ryan, and she kept Eddie. In Ep 3 she was down to Chris, Bill and Bradley...only to keep them all because of Eddie walking away at the beginning of the show.

    If the revelations/assumptions prove to be true and it is 9 gay/5 straight, then there have only been two straight men at the Ranch ever since the end of episode 2!


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