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Thread: Playing It Straight: The FORT Interview With Alex

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    Great interview! Alex was such a little cutie! Wish he would have gotten more airtime! And no partner huh? *lick* lol
    "It's still cool to be sane. You're just supposed to be sane and medicated ." - Article from the New York Magazine

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    Feels a connection w/ you charlie9's Avatar
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    He seems like a great guy. Wish we saw more of him.

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    Lobeck-- I don't even watch that show...but Alex's interview was really interesting. Makes me want to check the show out...curious now.

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    Great interview, and very thought-provoking questions.

    He outed himself in 6th grade? Wow. At that stage I would think most parents and such would think it's a "phase" he was going through (since it isn't that unusual for adolescent boys to experiment a little). I have to respect that, I didn't manage it with my family until I was 25 (although many of my friends knew before that - I'm 27 now).

    The quote that fluff pointed out was excellent. Most of the gay people I know are perfectly normal people. If you never brought up the subject of relationships, I don't think it would dawn on most people that many of them are gay just from their mannerisms and such. I know very few "flamboyantly" gay guys, but television wants that type. Shrug.

    Excellent interview.


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