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Thread: 3/19 Show Discussion **Spoilers**

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    Just watched the Sunday Prime rerun since I missed Friday's... I finally see what you guys are talking about with Banks. I don't like his attitude. I can't believe I was actually rooting for Ryan during that fight. Ryan might be annoying but I haven't really heard him talk badly about any of them with the rest of the guys, or threaten other people with violence.

    From the preview it seems like next episode has been turned into a WWE showdown. What happened to the idea of romance and guys in hot tubs? My gaydar doesn't work with all the testosterone running in the way. The readings get all warped.

    My favourite quote was from Bradley (about his shirt): it looked like a bowl of mint chocolate ice-cream had sex with the tablecloth

    And add to that Chris' confessional in what looks like a garbage can and I was in stitches...

    Another good episode

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