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Thread: Playing It Straight Recap 3/12/03-"Straight-Shootin Cowboys"

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    Hey, Stargazer! I saw the end of this show last week and came here to get caught up on your recap. It was awesome! Sooooo funny! I was chuckling all the way through. Here are some of my favorites:

    They appear to be doing a fine job as all the men joke around and drink beer and try not to sit too close to each other on the couches. ( I can just picture it!)
    Hoping to smoke one out early, the men all glance around quickly to gauge their competitorís reactions to this news. ( This one made me laugh out loud! Like it'd be that easy! What a bunch of buffoons. )
    Talking about her breasts is not necessarily an indicator, as it could equally fit as the desperate ploy of a gay man, or the crass observations of a straight man. Either way, the men are happy to be talking breasts and legs and laugh merrily with each other. ( The guys are coming across really well in your account!)
    He Dries His Wet Hair? You Know What That Means ( My favorite line of the whole thing! I could see this being a catch phrase for the entire series. "You know what THAT means?!" PERFECT! )
    I've read two of your recaps now (counting Forever Eden), and I am very pleased you're writing for the site. I really enjoy your sense of humor. Keep it up!

    BTW, I actually think I'm going to start watching the show now.
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    Very funny recap Stargazer, I enjoyed it immensely.
    Thanks for posting the lyrics to the theme song; now we will be able to sing along each week.
    Good job

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    SG Excellent job!

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