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Thread: Sharif - Musician, Arlington, VA

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    Much better. Thanks for sharing the pic.

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    Attention Sharif fans...

    Sharif has just released his third CD, "Surrogate Lovers."

    You can purchase copies online at www.sharifmusic.com or www.amazon.com. (It's cheaper to buy it on Sharif's website and shipping is free.) It should also be in FYE stores (according to a posting on Sharif's fan site).

    You can listen to a few of the tracks on www.sharifmusic.com in the downloads section. My favorite songs on the CD are "Simple Ways" and "Sixty Seconds."

    To anyone in the NYC area or in Charlottesville, VA, Sharif will be having two CD release parties next week. One on 4/26 at Makor in NYC and another on 4/29 at Starr Hill in Charlottesville. See Sharif's website for more info.

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    Article on Sharif from Local NBC Website

    Local Musician, Contestant on Cancelled Fox Reality Show, Releases Second Album

    A few months back, a local musician and model made his debut on national TV - part of Fox's reality show called "Playing It Straight."

    But only after four episodes, Fox pulled the show from its line-up.

    So what happened to local contestant Sharif and the rest of the men on the show that had you guessing who was gay and who was straight?

    The Fox Network has now posted a synopsis of each of the unaired episodes on its website.

    Had the show continued, we would have seen Sharif make it to the final two men for contestant Jackie to choose from.

    In the end, Jackie chose fellow contestant Banks over Sharif.

    And in case you're wondering, both Sharif and Banks are straight.

    The show is now playing on television in Europe. The unaired shows may also pop up sometime on DVD in the U.S.

    Meanwhile, Sharif is touring the east coast with the release of his most recent album "Surrogate Lovers."

    His next local performance is at the 501 City Grill in Virginia Beach, Friday August 13th.

    Original Article at: http://www.wavy.com/Global/story.asp...7&nav=23iiPYvZ

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